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  1. There are 55 photos I need to get back. Hope they will be ok. All the more as I don't want of course to use this site as a cloud backup. Now I must say Thanks you guys… and ladies
  2. Yes, I know and I wanted to do that. I've had a 2 To La Cie hard drive on which I used to do the back up (on a mac machine) but it crashed 2 months ago. Nevertheless, it was still possible to copy the photos from it, so I pulled up my old WD 500 Go HD and copied my photos on this one and put therefore recent photos. So I stopped doing backups because I would have to do it on the WD hard drive. And recently my mac reminded me I hadn't done any backup for x days… I didn't pay attention, I clicked on it and then realized it would format the HD. So I stopped the process but it was too late… Then I looked for softwares able to recover files on a formated hd, free at the beginning. it took about 6 hours to scan the hd. So I didn't turn the computer off for 1 week because I tried several softwares and I didn't want to loose the data if turned off. So It recovered some files but not all. Finally, I found a (non free) software able to recover photos from SD cards ! And it worked (85-90 % recovered). But still unable to recover the ones taken in France at the seaside during summer holidays. A few are on Flickr but most of them are on Alamy…
  3. Hi everybody, Is there a way to download photographs I uploaded to Alamy ? I didn't see that on the dashbaord. The reason is I lost some of them on a hard drive (accidentally formated) and the only way to recover them would be dowload the ones I sent to Alamy. I also asked Alamy by e-mail but didn't have an answer yet… So I hope It is possible. Thanks.
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