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  1. Seems to get stuck, looking at the news page the same photos have been uploaded 3 or 4 times by someone else so may not be the only one. PAIN. Have tried two versions of Chrome and IE.
  2. Mine went a few knots ago, used this as a excuse to buy a 24-70 L. Mine consider fixing it as IS useful in some situations.
  3. Same here, I've sent an email to Alamy checking they did the leg work their end. They didn't respond?
  4. Top of Page to so all fine. I've recently made a major change in the types of images I submit so will be interesting to see if that affects things in the long run.
  5. Thanks for that michael, I've added one now. Got my domain name sorted at last. http://www.robertstainforthphotos.co.uk/
  6. I've changed the front-page images and added two new galleries in events.
  7. I've altered the settings, you can now view 1080p quality videos.
  8. Many thanks John, infact a big thanks for all the comments, very much appreciated. I've done some updates on the stock page including adding some new photos that aren't in the portfolio pages to show a greater range. I've also added a tear-sheet.
  9. Thanks John, selling myself has never been my strong point.
  10. The funny thing is, I changed that yesterday as a lot of websites I viewed seemed to do that. I've got my own domain name, updated the CNAME yesterday, hopefully will work tonight. At the moment the point of the site is to showcase my work, to help get accreditation for events. Seems to have worked as I've got my first house-photographer gig tomorrow. I'm moving into event photography, I want to attend as many as possible to build experience and a good portfolio. Exciting times.
  11. I had a look through the website links, some are amazing, all very impressive and well beyond what I could do. I also tracked down your website which I liked a lot. I made my own website years ago, using frontpage! It did the job but not professional. Your post really got me thinking about what my site is about.
  12. That's a lot to think about Robert. I will certainly try to take on board what I can. I will spend time looking at other websites. I may decide a link my Alamy photos doesn't help the site. But it shows people my full collection. Money and limited website building experience being the reason I went with smugmug. So far I'm happy with them. Ultimately the site will succeed or fail on how I present the photos. To keep people interested. Thanks for the honest advice and your experience.
  13. It's not clear and also without much SEO at moment....words, words, words...... Thanks for that.
  14. Thanks for advice, I will be taking all on board. Also need to label each image. It's only 5 days old, much work still needed....
  15. Looking for honest blunt opinions please. Still work on layout and adding of galleries to be done. http://www.robertstainforth.smugmug.com/
  16. You can use android phone to take photos and upload to alamy news, you need a app to add description and then Ftp client. I was just wondering which people were using.
  17. Hello. Wondering what Android software people are using to process and upload images to news. Thanks
  18. I've gone for smugmug, going to take a while to figure it out and set things up. Thanks again for all the suggestions.
  19. Many thanks for your replies, just have to decide which one to go for.
  20. Hello All. I need to set up my own website to showcase my work, any ideas which website solution to go for. Thanks in advance, Rob
  21. Forgot to add I had a $1250 sale on the last day of the month, my highest since 2009. Very positive.
  22. Odd month with big gaps between sales but best month since 2009! If every month was this good a be able to afford that diving holiday in Thailand.
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