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  1. Jeg skyder i RAW hehe men tak for feedbacken det var noget af det mest brugbare!
  2. Yes im Danish and I don't know about my laptop and it's screen calibration thank you for mentioning that. I normally use my desktop computer tho where to me the colours seem to be perfect. I feel like its the whole "stock photo" part thats hard for me. There is so many new things to learn and I'm just starting out. Maybe I should wait a bit:)
  3. Yes I know that I have been a user of Photoshop for 4 years but that was mainly focused on photo manipulation. I just recently got into Lightroom. I'm still working on my style and such but thank you for the feedback. Appreciate it:)
  4. Okay thank you. You see I come from YouTube tagging so this is a whole new world for me. Really appreciate that you wanna take the time to answer my question appreciate it!
  5. Thank you for the answer:) Ehm I don't think I understand what you meant with the last bit are you talking about my photos or? Just confused sorry?:)
  6. Hi everyone. So this is kind of a follow up question to the one i did a couple months back about when you sold your first photo. In addition to this i want to ask you how you tag your photos and how important it really is to get it from the yellow bar to green. What i am asking is when you for example have 300 photos would you need to tag them all, all the way to green for them to sell. Or is it possible to still make a bit of money even though they are only tagged until yellow? Thank you:)
  7. Okay thank you so much...well as I said I'm starting out so I will build up as I go...thank you man!
  8. Damn well okay...I'm young and still practicing always new things to learn...what type of photos did you sell the most of?
  9. So after 6 months you had sold 1000 images or 1000 sales on one image? Or is it after 6 month you got your first sale?
  10. Hey everyone I was wondering when you guys got your first sale. Im new to this so i was wondering if anyine wanted to give me some insights. Thank you!
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