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  1. As a biologist I can promise that this fish is a Clownfish (perhaps the nickname of Nemo wasnt a relevant keyword?) - and has been keyworded with the appropriate latin names and species identification as well. Clownfish are the only fish that are immune to sea anemone tentacle stings - as they have a thick coating of mucus which protects them. However, I completely agree that I need to rework a lot of my keywords, I'm absolutely terrible at plant identification! But I'm slowly working my way through. Colblimp / Matt - I used to live in Falmouth! Thanks for the tip on
  2. Thank you everyone! Looks like Im still falling on my keywording....will try to go through and fix this.
  3. Hi all! Can anyone take a look at my portfolio and give me some ideas on how to boost sales? 2017 I made some good money here, but 2018 was SLOW! Please also take in mind a lot of the snow images are pending deletion. Thanks! https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pl=1&plno=247684
  4. @Doc and @Bryan Thanks for that, that batch of images I was all selling to newspapers at the time, so threw them on alamy quickly one afternoon just as an afterthought. Looking back at them now could probably get rid of most of them as they're not really the photography I do or like anyway. @NYCat After checking through AIM, I've found I've definitely fallen prey to the deselection process - I found desert pictures with 'snow' tags, so Im definitely going to have to sit and go through re tagging everything before I carry on uploading. Thank you though - I probably would have never thought to c
  5. Thank you all, this is insanely helpful! I think back when I was started I was too focussed on getting photographs with enough keywords to be in the 'high discoverability' section - completely counterproductive if the keywords aren't correctly formulated. Also been a little scared of the QC editing restrictions in the past, although I think in my recent batch I got a feel for it. Will need to go weed through my collection definitely - I'm just having such a hard time coming up with 60 odd relevant key words for a seemingly simple photo....i.e, a landscape.The job seems completely tedious, whi
  6. Hey guys! I'm pretty new to this, and have had a few sales in the last year. But I'm looking to majorly improve what I have up and boost my sales as much as possible. Is a lack of sales just a bulk problem? (which I'm working on, I only have around 250 photos at the moment) - or is it more to do with how I'm tagging and captioning images? If anyone could take a look I'd be really grateful! Link to my page v https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pseudoid={3A92B545-4EF8-4C6E-A366-ACD216CF0A69}&name=Cherie+Bridges&st=11&mode=0&comp=1&a
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