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  1. Thanks Betty, I had a feeling it was but I just wanted to make sure
  2. Yeah that's helpful but (I know this probably sounds stupid) what is checking at 100 percent and why can you not sharpen images even if they need it? Is it because of artefacts? If I take in raw then surely they need sharpening? Also what about black and white images? I know this is sounds quite scathing but I'd like to know.
  3. Thank you, I uploaded them on Saturday so they should be done today.
  4. Hi, I uploaded my 3 test images to Alamy about 3 days ago, and Alamy still hasn't got back to me about them so I'm kind of stuck. I read that they might take up to 28 days if they haven't passed but does that apply to the 3 test submissions. Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm a new photographer and I've wanted to try selling some images so I found Alamy. I uploaded some images and they've been in QC for about 48 hours now so I looked up how long they should take to pass and it's usually about this time but some contributors suggested checking over your images before uploading. So I just want to know what kind of thing I should check for in my images during development and before I upload and what to include/not include when I take the photos. Thanks, Owen.
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