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  1. While July was the pits with one wee sale, August ended up being my best month this year in terms of revenue. Yippee, and Happy Labour Day weekend, for those who have the holiday.
  2. Just one from me. Greater Vancouver smothered by forest fire smoke due to a very hot summer last year.
  3. Looking at my sales for this year so far, most of them (81%) have US listed as the Region. But I know Canada, where I am, is also considered to be within that region because I've had Canadian distributor sales with US assigned as the region. I've only had a few UK region sales, and the prices are lower because they seem to be for the media or social media. Of my US region sales, most of them (76%) are photos taken of Canadian places. Only 10% are of American locations. All of my PU sales this year have had US as the region.
  4. One sad little sale, doesn't even cover my parking costs today. However, on the brighter side, my CTR is good and I've spotted a couple sales yet to be reported.
  5. Very good article. The stories about the lavender fields reminds me of when I visited the tulip fields in Washington State a few years back. Signs clearly said to stay out of the fields, and they even had hired someone to yell at people to get out of them, yet people kept going in to get their photos taken, of themselves, their whole families, etc. So disrespectful.
  6. I had one of those today too. The subject had to do with gardening.
  7. IMHO the photograph on alamy doesn't really put the artist's original photograph in context. It appears to take up almost 3/4 of the frame. I noticed a lot of anger on instagram directed at alamy and the photographer, assuming it was deliberate image theft. However if the photograph was marked as having no releases (which we don't know) then the BI staff should have known better than to use it, especially with such a close crop of the original artists' work.
  8. I can see the English keywords if I look at the images by clicking on the blue image number instead of the portfolio link. Very stylish and interesting images. I agree that adding some more descriptive keywords of what is in the image would be helpful.
  9. I wrote contributor relations at Alamy a couple months ago and asked about colour space. I had always assumed they preferred Adobe RGB based on what I recall used to be in the information for contributors. When I asked which one was now preferred, I received the following response: "This is totally up to you and your own workflow, but we work with Adobe RGB and ignore any embedded ICC profiles when we process your images so before sending we recommend saving all images as Adobe RGB (1998)."
  10. Edo, good luck with your home search in Liverpool! Maria
  11. I always find it interesting to see what equipment and lenses people use to create a photo so I like the idea. Maria
  12. FAA is Fine Art America, a print on demand (POD) site. For alamy I allow personal use licenses for most of my images, except for those I consider more artsy, and have up on FAA. Usually my PU sales are between $9.99 and $19.99, with the median probably towards the higher end, so I think it's worth it.
  13. Veteran's cemetery in St. Catharines, Ontario. Personal Use sale reported on on Sunday.
  14. I also have a similar number of images, and a similar number of sales so far this year (as Thyrsis). Nearly all of my images are RM, maybe that has something to do with it. All my sales except one this year has been RM. Just a guess.
  15. Interesting theory but not supported by my results either. June was really good last year, but this year I didn't have any June sales until one yesterday.
  16. I use DNG converter for my Raw files for my current cameras because my ACR software is out of date (as in my operating system, etc, etc). I don't convert the whole batch to DNGs, I usually look through them and select the most promising ones to be converted ( a small subset). Once I've manipulated the DNG file in ACR, I save it as a TIFF to use for further editing and eventually a jpg for submission. So I always keep the original RAW or DNG file that hasn't been manipulated.
  17. Getting a first sale is exciting, but 4 at once, well done, congrats!
  18. With 5 sales, May was 5 times better than April! The best one was a distributor sale.
  19. That's great to hear! Thanks for posting about it. Maria
  20. This was part of a news submission from 5 years ago. Sold today (Saturday) for media/website use.
  21. I decided to try the sony A6000 because of the image quality. I ordered it with the kit lens but plan to upgrade it once I'm sure I like the camera. Will still keep my rx100 M1 to use when I want a really small camera. Yippee, new gear!
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