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  1. Happy to see you back on the forums David, and I'm very sorry for your loss.
  2. Empty tables on Granville Island Pedestrian bridge in Whistler, BC. Diner on Whidbey Island, WA
  3. Also ended a November drought with this one yesterday. Magazine usage. This was taken 6 years ago, and was zoomed a week before.
  4. Beautiful images and what a wonderful place to go for an afternoon walk. I've never use the HDR feature in my rx100, must give it a try.
  5. Thanks. I've never sold one either, but I do see an occasional search for one. It's a great way to do some sightseeing here in Vancouver.
  6. Autumn ride on the Aquabus, on False Creek in Vancouver.
  7. Ooh I do like this topic, thanks Edo! I like the look and taste of good food, and enjoy taking photographs of it when I can. This is one of my friend's creations for an afternoon tea and it has sold: And here's a vegan stuffed squash I made that was my first food sale here:
  8. You have some interesting images but the keywords should only reflect what is in each image. I was curious about an image of an empty room with two windows and a chair 2A5CWWAY. Many of the keywords did not seem to apply to the image, e.g. green fields, green park, morning road, morning trail, train, trains, train wagons, trees, etc. Having good photographs is important, but they need to be able to be found by customers. Irrelevant keywords will cause your alamy rank to drop, making your images less likely to be found.
  9. OK I had to look. It's been a while since I've checked. The standard is 120 per page, RM images? If so, I'm seeing 24 pages in total.
  10. Four sales this month, all relatively small value, with one especially low bulk distributor sale. Zooms doing well.
  11. Looks like they've taken a lot of photos of the photographs on display in that exhibit. I've been to that exhibit a couple times when it traveled to Canada and the photography is amazing. But taking photos of the winning photos and then selling them? To me that's unethical. And I'm pretty sure no photography was allowed at the exhibit.
  12. Thanks. That was taken on Thanksgiving, a very pleasant day, and the last one without the pounding rain. Autumn Sky, yes it is a very lovely area to walk around. I don't get down that way enough.
  13. Very beautiful and eye catching images! Maria
  14. Love this challenge topic, and have enjoyed viewing all the images so far. Here are mine: Winter trees reflecting on the Sunshine Coast, BC. Kayaks on Galiano Island, BC. And the holidays will be here before you know it!
  15. So sad, seems unreal, and what a loss. Have been thinking about it since hearing about it earlier today. I always appreciated all of Keith's useful tidbits about the photography biz that he shared here. I see from reading the remembrances how special he was to his community and to those who knew him. And that includes our little group here. Condolences to his family.
  16. An old one for me, from my first year on alamy (2013). Corn growing in the garden, RF. IQ sale, magazine.
  17. Three sales, all $$, and quite a range. Zooms very good and CTR for the month is the highest this year.
  18. Editorial, UK National Newspaper, $ If anyone over the pond spots this one, please let me know. Red Yarrow.
  19. Some spooky faces from Halloween. Carousel horse from Port Dalhousie, Ontario Glamourous (and very tall) lady at Italian Day on the Drive in Vancouver.
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