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  1. If you mean what appears on your dashboard page, then mine also usually drops at the beginning of a new month by a few, then builds its way back up by the end of the month. It's just keeping track of zooms for the rolling year I believe.
  2. Just a couple for me. One was a textbook sale for $$ which I had spotted last July. The other was a presentation.
  3. In AoA the there are 36 searches with %cell phone% and 85 searches for %mobile phone% just in the last month.
  4. Miami Florida. I was making the best of a very rainy evening by shooting around the hotel. Presentation Use.
  5. Tried to escape the rain in Arizona but it rained for most of my visit (!). However there was a day in which it was just cloudy. This is Oak Canyon near Sedona. And Beaver Creek day area:
  6. I don't know if it's the Canadian press who are the stalkers. I was staying on Vancouver island for a few days over the holidays and learned from a friend who works in a hotel in Victoria that a couple of reporters who worked for a UK newspaper had come to town and were staying there because they wanted to get a story and photos of H & M.
  7. My first sale was in Feb 2014, about 7 months after I joined alamy. It was for a magazine, and licensed for $45.
  8. The last one seems to be a Mark 1, the original. I have that one and use it along with my Nikon for stock. Doesn't have some of the nice features of the later models, such as the viewfinder and tiltable LCD screen.
  9. Happy giant snowman in Sedona, Arizona.
  10. Thanks Edo, now I have an idea of what they look like.
  11. Beautiful images, thanks for posting.
  12. I don't mind going out to shoot on a chilly day or evening. I was recently travelling and captured some holiday lights on a very cool evening. Nobody else was around, and it was great! But like others, I tend to avoid the heavy downpours, which have become the norm here on the wet coast lately. Gotta make me one of those bean bags
  13. This one went live on the 31st. Scottsdale Arizona, Bronze Horse fountain, Christmastime.
  14. Here we go... Vancouver area home holiday lights Stanley Park festive lights "Bright Nights" Giant reindeer at Stanley Park "Bright Nights" Happy Holidays everyone!
  15. Editorial web sites, apps & social media. This one had a fast turnaround. It was zoomed 5 days before the sale was reported, and the next day I found it online on a travel web page.
  16. Did you get an automated response when you used that address? Usually you get the automated email first, then a real response. Maria
  17. Royal George Theatre in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Editorial media usage. $. Was zoomed last month.
  18. I thought that the camera chose the ISO when you were in the Handheld Twilight scene mode. Or am I missing something?
  19. I wouldn't necessarily blame the contributors of EyeEm for the horrible captions showing up here. I have handful of images on EyeEm and just found one of them here on alamy. It's a photo of the tulip fields in the Skagit Valley in Washington State during their annual tulip festival. All of that is in my keywords and caption on EyeEm, but when it transferred over here it's just labelled "Field of Red Tulips" and there's no mention of when or where it was in the keywords.
  20. I checked my rx100 (mk1) and the files produced from the handheld twilight are only jpegs. Just took a look them directly on the card. Maybe you've lucked out somehow!
  21. You can still get bigger images from this method Paulette. When you insert the URL that you have copied, just go and take out the portion of the URL that says zooms and replace it with comp. Maria
  22. Whistler Peak 2 Peak gondola, travelling between the tops of Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain.
  23. Love all your Hawaii photos Lisa! Makes me want to go there again.
  24. Nice selection of images, and thanks for including mine of the diner.
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