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  1. It was just one fail, the other sub sent the next day went down with it! I don't understand why a separate submission is also rejected if the other one fails. Or why the whole submission fails if there is just one bad image.
  2. Just a thought, if you have the words street people in your essential keywords in that order, won't the image be found by people searching for another kind of "street people" i.e., homeless people?
  3. As was mentioned, many types of files can transfer easily between both operating systems. I'm a Mac user at home but must use a PC at work. Since I must take work home, I regularly transfer Word, Excel, PowerPoint and image files back and forth between each platform. Usually no problem, unlike in the old days.
  4. I have a 2011 iMac and haven't had to adjust the monitor. I usually have the brightness at 50%, which is fine. The main drawback is the reflective glass. However if they've reduced the glare in the new model, it's probably a lot better. I bought the 21.5 inch, thinking it would be plenty big, as it was larger than my previous one. But if you have the room, I recommend the 27in. There are times when I'm working in photoshop when I could use more space.
  5. From a lantern festival in Vancouver:
  6. Yes, a brief period here before it all gets rained away. The colours are starting to look really nice now. See you out there!
  7. I have seen photos of the CN tower listed as being unacceptable for commercial use other stock sites: e.g., http://www.shutterstock.com/buzz/legal/stock-photo-restrictions Also on their own web site they indicated you cannot use photos taken from the tower for commercial use. http://www.cntower.ca/en-ca/plan-your-visit/rates/terms-and-conditions.html From what I've read it sounds like it may be OK to have the CN tower in a photo as long as it's just part of the cityscape, not the main subject.
  8. I'm not sure if the 24 hour message still holds as a warning of a possible fail like it used to. Lately I've had that message pop up a few submissions, only to eventually turn to "awaiting QC" and then an all pass.
  9. I also have an iMac, a couple years old. I'm embarrassed to say I've never calibrated the monitor, although I know it's something I should do. When I view my images on a PC (at work), rather than dark, they seem a bit over-exposed to me. I have my brightness set just under 50%, and my images print off similar to how they look on the screen. SFL I really like the dramatic skies you have in many of your images.
  10. I had the same problem with my latest batch. But it was quickly fixed after I contacted member services.
  11. If you're looking for sales, I wouldn't bother using flickr. I've been on there for 5 years and have only been approached by a few individuals, who wanted to use my photos for free (and one winery who wanted to give me wine in exchange; ) But I was never on flickr for sales anyways, just a love of photography. I have been inspired and learned a lot from some great contacts and groups with challenges. But it's not a place for sales. And yes, I do believe it's against flickr guidelines to use your account for commercial purposes.
  12. I have a free membership on FAA, with 25 images up. No sales yet (just a few months). I was surprised to find out how expensive their shipping was for non U.S. addresses. I fancied some artwork on the site and was going to order a small print for myself, for $22. However the cost of shipping to Canada was $23.50. I changed it to a U.S. address to check for a difference and the cost dropped to $4.95. I think that high shipping cost will make it harder to sell here.
  13. It's the same camera as I use, and that's on the accepted list. I really like the images, especially the snow scene. Perhaps they aren't sharp at 100%, as was mentioned, and/or perhaps try a safer set of 4 for your first submission. Photos with less drama, more even lighting, and sharp.
  14. Just wondering, is it acceptable to assign different licenses to images that are similar, but not the same? That is, similar photos taken in the same shoot. In particular, if someone has an RM image on this site, is it alright to have a similar image (but not the same) on an RF site?
  15. Both. Large customers, especially newspapers, have more or less free access to the images and report uses by themselves. This can take up to three months, or even more. Some have a tendency to forget. This is why you should keep a record of your found images, screen dumps, links, tearsheets, etc. as evidence in an e-mail to Member Services if not reported as a sale after three months. More unpaid work for the modern and low paid slave - the photographer. The most general use of the term unreported sale is to describe the waiting time for the sale to be reported, though. Most uses are r
  16. I don't have any sales here yet, but I'm curious as what you mean by unreported sales. Your image is licensed to a client without any record or payment? Or is there just a delay for some reason?
  17. Nice photo. I'm fairly new here but I've learned from the wise folks on these forums that keywords are so important and I think you could use a lot more to help customers find your images. For example, in the main key words, you could add the following (among others): young elephants closeup trunk eating Africa savannah grassland safari wildlife animals No commas are needed. You need to include the plurals of words as well as singular.
  18. Relaxing with the newspaper. Or maybe forget that and take a nap instead.
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