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  1. Thanks Nick, Ed R, John, and Ed E. for your further comments on the issue. From what I'm gathering then, as long as the cake (or any other food item) isn't really distinguishable from those made elsewhere I don't need to worry about property releases. Or indicating that a property release would be required. Is that correct? I have seen images in some contributor's collections that have been taken in restaurants with the restaurant identified in the description. So that is OK as long as it's noted that you don't have the required property release for such, and it's automatically assig
  2. Thanks Vlad. Could the store bought cake (or other type of food) be used as RM with restrictions against advertising and consumer use?
  3. Hi, I'm pretty new to this and want to make sure I have things right regarding the need for property releases. I have a photo of a lovely birthday cake which was purchased at the grocery store's bakery. As it was designed and created by the bakers in the store, would it require a property release to be an RF image? And in general, for photos of any prepared foods and beverages - purchased either in stores or in restaurants - do they need property releases? Thanks for your help.
  4. There's mention of copyright for murals (and many other types of creative works) in this link: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Copyright_rules_by_subject_matter#Murals
  5. Thanks very much Paulstw, Paulette, and Alex. I just ran across a page that discusses the usage of square brackets that was mentioned, and other annotations: http://www.alamy.com/contributor/help/annotation-options.asp
  6. Hi, Newbie here again. I was wondering about keywords that are in pairs, like "family dog", and especially place names that are two words (e.g., British Columbia, White Rock, New Westminster to name a few around here). I understand you cannot group these pairs together using quotation marks when entering keywords. Is there some recommended way of keywording two-word terms/places to help searchers find the correct images (and get yours when they aren't looking for them)?
  7. This is a very interesting discussion, and I've had some similar questions come up. In particular, I have a photo of a lake in the distance and there is a speck in the lake which is a teeny tiny boat, either a kayak or canoe, it's too small to tell. If I zoom in quite close I can see that (obviously) there's a person in the boat, but cannot tell any features other than they appear to be wearing something white light coloured. From your discussion above, I will need to indicate there is one person in the image and that there is no model release and it can only be RM. Is that correct?
  8. K_M I'm in the same position at the moment. Monday night I also uploaded 5 images in my 2nd batch ever and am still waiting. EDIT - I just checked again now (5:30 PDT) and my second batch has passed. It's a (happy) surprise because I thought there wouldn't be any more processing until the Monday business hours.
  9. Thanks Dave. Seems like there are a few West Coasters here on these forums. Some of my missing thumbnails are starting to appear, good.
  10. I recently got an ipad mini and was thinking of getting Pages, but I'm also curious about how well it transfers documents to my computer. In the video above, the fellow is transferring to Word in a Windows system. I'm wondering if there's less of a change in format if you're going to a Mac.
  11. To cure that: log out then log in again. Thanks. I have tried that, and it keeps showing 0 images, although my first 4 were approved and are for sale.
  12. I also cannot see the first 4 images in Kathy's link. The rest show up fine. I'm having the same problem with my images. I wasn't sure what the norm was since I'm new here. And the image number to the left here is incorrect too.
  13. I sent them an email about images not showing up on my home page or when in Manage images. I got a response today saying they are having a few issues and the technical team is working on it.
  14. Thanks for the clarification, and for the welcome.
  15. Hello, total newbie here, just got my first 4 images approved. Your discussion of RM vs RF is very informative, thanks. Quick question - if you have assigned an image RM here, can you also license it RM at another stock agency? I ran across a discussion about RM vs RF on a website for purchasers, and they were suggesting RM was better to purchase for advertising because you were less likely to end up with a competitor using the same photo. That made it seem like the same image couldn't be RM at more than one agency.
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