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  1. Yes, as said above, changing the bar to green is optional. I would only add keywords that are very relevant to your image. Think about what keywords customers might use to find your images. You mentioned deleting images, was that just because of keyword issues? It would seem to be better to just fix the keywords. And you will always find forum members here who are happy to give you feedback on specific keywords used in one's images.
  2. Best month of the past 12 for me with 7 sales. All are $$. My monthly views are down but CTR is up. This was a happy surprise, given that I haven't been able to upload any new images since March 3. Consequently I figured my sales would tank. Maybe they still will in the future, but hopefully not.
  3. Still waiting for one from Nov 2018. Thankfully most clear within 2-3 months.
  4. A couple of yellow-bellied marmots in rural British Columbia (Okanagan area). These were spotted on the road to a winery, near a sign that said "Marmot Crossing".
  5. I will miss visiting Montreal as well, I have friends there, and relatives in the Eastern Townships. I'll also miss the Cherry Blossom Festival in Vancouver. The night event in Queen Elizabeth Park was very interesting. I wonder what Niagara Falls looks like now? Convocation at Simon Fraser University. The pipers lead the way.
  6. I've restricted some of my more artistic images that I may try to sell elsewhere, like POD sites. But not this one! I agree with you, I've also had much lower sales amounts through other categories, such as bulk discounts.
  7. Third sale this month, and a third PU. I have my doubts about this one! Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Personal use ; Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use ; Start: 25-March-2020 ; End: 25-March-2025 ;
  8. Somehow I've totally missed this thread. So many lovely images! Here's a young mule deer.
  9. Thanks for sharing. It's a nice, well-captured, slice of everyday life at this time. Maria
  10. And to add to that, my second sale of the month, yesterday, was another PU.
  11. Thanks, no, I didn't know about that one. How did you find it? I'm finding Google image search to be useless these days. Maria
  12. Thanks James, for connecting with us and letting us know about the changes. All the best to the alamy staff. Maria
  13. Just saw this today, Coronavirus Rhapsody (a la Bohemian Rhapsody). I think it's done quite well: https://youtu.be/8KPbJ0-DxTc
  14. That's very intriguing Paulette, I like it. Thanks for posting. Maria
  15. Photos of doughnut shops are selling! This one I spotted a couple months ago on a Conde Naste Traveler website. Usage: Magazine, Editorial print and digital use.
  16. Here's one of everyone getting together (remotely) to sing "Close To You":
  17. Neil Diamond has redone it, now it is "washing hands"....reaching out, "don't touch me, I won't touch you" https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/23/entertainment/neil-diamond-sweet-caroline-coronavirus-trnd/index.html
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