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  1. First sale of the month, and on a Sunday. Loading docks, Port of Vancouver. Personal Use,
  2. I emailed alamy CR last year asking for clarification on colour space and below was their reply. They seem to be favouring Adobe RGB. This is totally up to you and your own workflow, but we work with Adobe RGB and ignore any embedded ICC profiles when we process your images so before sending we recommend saving all images as Adobe RGB (1998).
  3. Thank you Betty. It is an amazing place to visit.
  4. I don't have any new images of wildlife critters, but here's a recent nature photo from a beautiful place - Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada. (Vancouver Island)
  5. In the last couple months I've sold three flower images, two were RM and one was RF. The prices were almost identical. Of course, this was a very small sample size.
  6. Summer surfing on a foggy day in Tofino, BC, on Vancouver Island.
  7. Four sales for me. About half were super low, the other half were just low 😉. CTR is pretty good.
  8. 2 or 3 times a day. More often if people start reporting surges (I don't know why because I'm never part of that surge 😄).
  9. Wonderful action shot. That guy must have made a big splash, they way he's going in.
  10. I have several photos of Queen Elizabeth park but this is the first one that has ever sold. Usage: Commercial electronic Media: Website, app and social media $
  11. I have found some book usages by searching in Google Books. They also sometimes show up in the regular Google image search.
  12. 5 sales this month, all relatively low $$. Mini surge with 3 of them in the last two days.
  13. I'm at 57% of last year's sales, and 37% of last year's gross revenue.
  14. Spending a lot of time in my garden these days .
  15. Wow, amazing cake and great photos!
  16. Thanks Sharon! Yes it's nice to see the occasional flower image selling, especially since I love taking photos of them.
  17. First sale of the month, some pretty primulas. This image was submitted in my last upload, at the beginning of the month. That's the quickest sale ever for me! It was zoomed and sold on Friday. Worldwide web and app & social media use, low $$.
  18. On their pages it says if you deactivate your account they will pay any outstanding earnings above $1.
  19. Just 5 bucks (plus 10 cents!). I haven't done anything yet except set my images to not for sale. Hope to get the 5 bucks before I close the account.
  20. I did the same. I only have about a hundred images over there. I started submitting as the same time as I did to alamy but didn't know any better at the time. So stopped at about a hundred, and kept some images there that never got any interest at alamy but sold there (like some small town Canadian tourist spots). However my first sale at 10c was yesterday, which is absolutely ridiculous so I suspended my account and will cancel it as well.
  21. 4 sales, two of them distributors, plus a presentation and another low one. CTR is good and zooms are decent so I'm thinking positive.
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