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  1. John have you ever tried Lens&Shutter? I see they buy and sell used gear. I haven't tried them though.
  2. I was wondering the same thing when I saw that list of picture needs. I have a sequence of planting shots that just show hands. But they probably aren't "instagram style".
  3. An impressive selection of images so far, I know it will be hard to pick the finalists! Keep on submitting! Maria
  4. I have yahoo email and only see the trending topics on their main home page. But 9/10 are celebrity names.
  5. Alright, canals are fine as well. But more points for open water There's a great selection of images already, keep them coming! Maria
  6. If you have more than one image selected, the greyed out tags/keywords are the ones that don't appear on all of the images. If you select these and they become black, then they will appear on all images you have selected. If they are in grey, you must have chosen them for at least one of the selected images. When multiple images are selected, deleting a tag deletes it from all.
  7. I don't understand how this new rule fits with a primarily editorial image library. Seems more suitable for generic RF stock images. Maria
  8. Thanks Bryan and ColdCoffee. Mabel will be rewarded with some extra treats! Maria
  9. April 2018 Challenge: In or On the Water Water was a big component of my image from last month so it's my inspiration for this month's challenge. Your images must be taken of something or someone on the water. More specifically: It must be taken outdoors, on open natural water (e.g., lakes, ocean, rivers, not a swimming pool), and must be taken of something with people and/or animals in the water. Not of inanimate objects without people or animals. The photographer can be on the shoreline, but not the subject. Up to 3 images, must be on Alamy. Deadline mid
  10. Thank you Wim, and everyone who voted. And Hat's off to the other finalists as well. It's a bit of a late hour for me where I am, so after some shut eye I will create a new competition tomorrow (Monday). Maria
  11. MariaJ

    Ban from upload

    I also have the rx100 (mk 1) and I find it there is a lot of noise when I use ISO 400 and up, especially in the dimly lit areas of the image. For passing QC purposes, it may be best to avoid high ISO settings. However it looks to me like there's more than noise in the image. Seems more like jagged artifacts. I'm not sure what step of your processing may have caused them. Did you do much post processing on the jpg image?
  12. Well thanks for choosing my cat photo Wim! Mabel will be pleased. Maria
  13. Just to echo what everyone else said - you need more images, better keywording, and they must be saleable images. Buyers are looking for specific content for various uses. See the sales thread or the "found alamy images" thread for examples. It also takes time. My first sale was with 321 images in my port, and over 6 months after I started uploading. And that was 4 years ago when there was less competition.
  14. However Personal use is usually still an option when the Editorial use only box is selected. I got the email yesterday about a mural photograph , I just have one. Sure enough, Personal use is still an option for that image.
  15. Love some of the beautiful gardens people are posting! And lots of variety, such an interesting topic Wim! Here are my three. It seems I take a lot of food photos at home. Here's one of them. No special setup, just natural light. Someone brought those cupcake liners home from the UK for me. Demonstrating how to plant a flower on my back deck. My kitty.
  16. 4 sales in February. Varied prices. Edit- and 2 small ones just popped in today, March 1.
  17. Thanks. This is the first one of mine from last summer's smokeout that has sold. It was apparently of interest to someone in Croatia.
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