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  1. Six sales for me, one of which was distributor (the only really low one). Prices not bad, the best being a very nice book cover sale.
  2. It's cruise ship time in Vancouver (Alaska bound).
  3. Thanks. I was going to Montreal and then figured a side trip to Ottawa would be a good idea too. I hadn't been there since 2000. Nice place to visit.
  4. With my latest sale, this year's sales are equal in number to my total for 2017, and we're only halfway through 2018. And gross revenue so far is already higher than last year's total. Pretty happy about that. I recently passed my 5 year mark on alamy, and over these years I've learned a lot from the helpful folks here on the forums. Thank you.
  5. The bottom ones look like California poppies to me John. But I'm not an expert. Poppies are such interesting flowers and so many varieties are out right now. Maria
  6. I had a magazine sale yesterday (via distributor) and found it online. However my image was incorrectly credited. Not only with the wrong name, but with the wrong agency. This image is only on alamy. All the images on that page had the same credit. Just wondering if others usually take any action when this occurs, or are just happy that it's a sale. Maria
  7. Zooms down but BME for sales volume (7) and revenue. Had a surge of 4 sales in the last 2 days of the month including a very nice calendar sale.
  8. I like this topic Colin! Here are my three: Recent image of Vancouver skyline. English Bay, Vancouver West End Food trucks at Shipyards Night Market in North Vancouver
  9. All of the ones I've clicked on by that contributor/agency say they are historical/reportage. Does that affect pricing?
  10. As Joseph stated so well, it is often a lengthy period of time from when an image is uploaded to when it is downloaded and then invoiced. Even if you have a lot of images up, if it's only been a short time since they were put online. Looking at my last 5 sales, the dates of the images were Aug 2017, Jan 2016, July 2013, July 2015 and June 2014. Unless you are covering a very timely and in demand topic, it may be a while before recently uploaded images are even searched for. And it also depends on the number and quality of competing images on the same topic. Maria
  11. You can check on All of Alamy (AoA) through your dashboard to see what customers are searching for on Alamy. You can also search AoA to see if customers are looking for the subjects you are covering or are planning to cover. I think it's a very helpful tool that Alamy provides for their contributors. Maria
  12. And the winner is........Colin Woods' image of the Morning mist in Gaspesie, Quebec. By a considerable lead! Congratulations Colin!
  13. Wonderful photos of the races Sally! I can't get enough of cherry blossoms this time of year.
  14. I like the mood, tones and history in that one. Sorry I just realized there was a typo in your name. It's now corrected.
  15. Here is the shortlist for the April Challenge. Thanks to everyone who submitted. So many fantastic images, it was difficult to narrow it down to 8 choices. Here they are: 1. cbimages: Waveski Surfing World Titles 2009 2. Michael Ventura: Fisherman on Lake Como A66X9X 3. Olivier Parent: Sea kayakers Calanques de Cassis E1GTTB 4. NYCat: Grizzly Bear in Lake Clark National Park EDM14J 5. andremichel: Big waves on a stormy day at Manly beach. 6. Colin
  16. Deadline for submissions has now passed. I'll be making a shortlist tomorrow (it's still Monday night for me). Maria
  17. About 24 hours left in this month's challenge! Maria
  18. When I look at images, the prices are in pounds. But my earnings are always reported in $US.
  19. Also a low bulk distributor sale to a Czech Republic editorial site. I found the image online. It was taken in Washington State and used to illustrate a train accident in Ontario Canada.
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