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  1. Never heard that one either. Perhaps it was rainy season?
  2. I like this one because it was an absolutely delicious breakfast! At a cafe last month in Victoria, BC.
  3. You can click on the grey "Account Balance" box which is also on your dashboard.
  4. Here are my three: Forest fire smoke covering Greater Vancouver last summer: Finnish Wife Carrying Race at the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival in Burnaby Graduates awaiting the convocation ceremony at Simon Fraser University.
  5. Lovely version of the song, thanks for the link Wim. I also really like the one with Kate Pierson, such a fun song. Maria
  6. As long as you have at least $50 cleared from however many sales, you will get a payout the following month. The minimum required for payment has come down since I started at alamy 5 years ago, and I'm sure it was even higher before my time.
  7. Same for me. Images I keyworded on the morning of the 31st (PST) still haven't shown up. Maria
  8. That's what I do with my rx100 I as well. I don't think I've opened the flap either.
  9. After two above average months, I knew things would even out eventually. Just two for this month.
  10. Great collection, thanks. Some interesting photographs from outside Vancouver too.
  11. I'm not with Telus and have had the same problem. Very fast when I upgraded last and pretty slow these days.
  12. I have also found uploading to be very slow lately. Sometimes I've given up and tried again at another time and it goes a little faster. When I upgraded my internet speed last year, the uploading of images was noticeably faster, each one speeding through. However in the last couple months or so, there are times when it can take up to several minutes per image. I'm not sure who or what is to blame for that. Maria
  13. I have seen his work at an exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I loved the way he captured everyday life in Vancouver back then. As John says, everything is very different now. Maria
  14. I also try to have a variety of images, though having some favourite topics. I notice however that when alamy promotes featured photographers in their blog, their portfolios tend to be relatively small and with quite similar images (style and/or content).
  15. Here are my three entries. Good choice of challenge Pauline! I'm having fun looking at all the photos submitted already. Dog enjoying the water on a hot day in a Vancouver park. Having fun celebrating National Acadian Day in Ottawa, Ontario. A-maze-ing Laughter statues in Vancouver's West End.
  16. Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC, Canada
  17. I looked up one of the more bizarre ones (gyno eating a sandwich during an exam) and found it being used on several sites! That was surprising. Maria
  18. You're not alone Betty. I started keeping more detailed records of my zooms this year and find that quite a few of my sales have been zoomed before (e.g. 7 out of the last 10 sales). However I have more zooms than sales, so at least half of my zooms don't turn into sales. Maria
  19. I'm happy that things are looking up this year! Both sales and revenue so far have surpassed my values for all of 2017.
  20. Six sales for me, one of which was distributor (the only really low one). Prices not bad, the best being a very nice book cover sale.
  21. It's cruise ship time in Vancouver (Alaska bound).
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