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  1. I agree that many of your images need better lighting, as well as much better keywording. I took a closer look at one image, HTHBCX, a picture of an old house, because I wasn't sure what I was looking at. I'm still not quite sure, as the caption just identifies the location. Also you have many incorrect keywords for that image, including argentinas flag, boat, boat ride,motor boats, ferry, ship, ships, collective boats, art, - just to name a few! Improper keywording and captioning will sink you in the rankings, which in turn affects where your images appear in customer searches
  2. Hi Betty, by anointing do you mean keywording them? If so perhaps the deadline for updating the system happened in the middle of your keywording. I've had that happen, where the last few I keyworded didn't make the cutoff the the daily updating. Maria
  3. Vineyards in the Niagara Peninsula - Ontario Canada
  4. I can't compare either as I have always let alamy do mine. I think my amount went up because I've added more images and had more sales compared to previous years. I'm trying to figure out the Canadian access copyright at the moment. It looks like applications are open again. Maria
  5. You don't need a full frame camera to create photographs meeting alamy's standards. All of my images have been shot with Nikon crop sensor cameras (D5100 and D7100) or the sony rx100 (original). I've stuck with dx models because of the weight of full frame models.
  6. Fun challenge! Here's gold Elvis in Niagara Falls: Dressed up for Italian Day in Vancouver: At the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival in Burnaby. . This fellow wore both a red onesie AND his wife around his neck for the Finnish Wife Carrying race.
  7. This was taken last weekend, lots of Autumn leaves here.
  8. It's been a while since I've had a blank month, but that's what September was for me. I surpassed last year's total sales in June, but sales have slowed since then. Zooms and views are good so I think things will pick up again in the months ahead.
  9. Tasty looking oatmeal Ed! I think there's going to be a lot more porridge photos showing up on alamy soon.
  10. Found a book excerpt with a few alamy photographers listed in the photo credits on the first page. I don't know all the images as there are only a few pages included in the excerpt. Book title: See it Grow Pine Tree by Avery Elizabeth Hurt Date of publication: 2019/2018 Photographers: Mike Cavaroc NatPar Collection Doug Wilson George Ostertag Buddy Mays The excerpt is found here: https://bearportpublishing.com/excerpts/12772/download
  11. I feel the same, also living in BC. And then there's all the false positives with Columbia in there as well.
  12. What kind of image processing program are you using, and what model of camera are they coming from?
  13. You don't need to have the maximum keywords for every image, or any image for that matter. As long as you have sufficient keywords to accurately describe what is in your image, that is fine. Always add plurals (e.g., fern and ferns, shrub and shrubs) because alamy's search system doesn't automatically do that. Maria
  14. You have an interesting port. As others have said, you will have more chance of sales with more detailed and accurate keywording and captions. I saw one titled "monkey in captivity". What kind of monkey, where was it in captivity? That information should be in there. Also, there are some studio shots, e.g. of a hand holding a snail, HWGP3E. It would benefit you to include a model release for this kind of image. Also for that image there are unnecessary keywords, like "canon", and incorrect keywords, like "backyard" and "rain". Ones that should be in there but are missing are
  15. "Photography for commercial purposes" is on their list of prohibited activities. On other lists I've seen photos of Disney properties being unacceptable for commercial or editorial use.
  16. Thanks Gen, I forgot about that. It's for a UK magazine. Under 500 000 print run. Small sum.
  17. I had a couple PU sales show up on the first of the month, but nothing since. So kind of slow for me too, but I'm hopeful that it will pick up again soon.
  18. No major changes for me. It did drop a bit from the beginning of the month when I got a lot of zooms with relatively few views. But it's at .68 now which is better than than the last couple months.
  19. Thanks for the suggestion Michael. I recall when I got the camera and the files wouldn't open in my ACR, I went to the Adobe site and tried to upgrade. But either my Photoshop was too old (CS5) and/or my operating system on my computer was, and I couldn't upgrade any further. I am working on upgrading both in the near future. Maria
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