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  1. If you're trying to do it for your entire portfolio at once, then I think you contact member services. If it's for individual images, you can de-select personal use in AIM.
  2. The Sun UK online November 28 2018 https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/7848266/mcdonalds-touchscreens-deadly-bacteria-poo-taces/ Found one of mine as well as: (alamy credit only) Richard Wayman Dublin Airport, Ireland. 1st June, 2015. McDonalds have installed self-order kiosks at a number of their restaurants in Ireland recently....... Image ID: ERD5PW
  3. What a lovely bowerbird! They are such interesting birds, attracting mates with their bowers and collections of blue things. You've captured him really well.
  4. Yes, same delay in notification here too. I don't think it has anything to do with QC rating. I just check in AIM to see if my submission has passed.
  5. Don't see a measures update either, but did get a reported sale, and my submission from Friday passed. Didn't get an email for that, but the last time the email showed up days later.
  6. Had one of those yesterday, for a book about Canada. Both sales and zooms have picked up within the last week, so a bit of a surge happening.
  7. This one showed up today, editorial article; it was in the Guardian last month. (And thanks to Sshep for reporting it).
  8. This sale just showed up, for Presentation use. I never used to get sales on Saturdays, but now they're more common, and usually Personal Use.
  9. I saw it but didn't get the "carriage return" reference, but now I do. It appears to be a Firefox problem. I tried AIM on a PC instead and had the same problem. But using Chrome on the same PC, it was back to normal.
  10. Maybe it's due to my older iMac, but the keywords in AIM on my desktop now look out of sorts, with gaps, and words stacked on top of each other. It looks even worse with more keywords.
  11. Springtime in the Skagit Valley, Washington State.
  12. Just one PU for me so far. At first I thought this thread was about it getting dark by 4:30 p.m. these days.
  13. Bruce Trail in the Niagara Peninsula. Taken a few weeks ago when the Fall colour was just beginning.
  14. Great idea for a challenge. I love taking city images. Here's the Vancouver skyline at night: Nightlife in the Gastown neighbourhood of Vancouver: And a really tiny little city scene (at Osoyoos Desert Model Railroad):
  15. Hi Ed, do you mean OS or iOs (for mobile)? I'm behind with my updates for both so I'm glad you asked the question. Maria
  16. Only a couple small sales in October, but other unreported ones have been spotted. Views and zooms very good.
  17. Small newspaper sale; I saw through Google it had been in the Times on Sept 1.
  18. I don't think there's a way that you can automatically check your images for how many views each has had. Instead you've got to do what you've been doing, checking in Alamy measures. I don't keep track of views, but try to keep an eye on which ones images get zoomed.
  19. Thank you John. It was such a pretty setting, with a wonderful path through the woods nearby. Speaking of which, I really like your image of looking up at the cedars.
  20. Looks like some type of tuberous begonia. I don't know the specific variety. Maria
  21. Found one of mine and a few other alamy images in this German travel book of the American Southwest (2018). The pdf of the book is below. Paul Briden EX0BK3 A/C Cobra at the Carroll Shelby museum in Las Vegas Ken Howard MYC75F Junk car artistically buried in the desert near Goldfield Nevada Ian Dagnall DB8R55 Shops in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona, USA CrackerClips Stock media HY0AKP Alien faces with big eyes at the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico Patti McConville -HMPHRN Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
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