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  1. Thanks Mark. Yes, similar problem, but not using Safari.
  2. I have the same problem, just in the last few hours, using Firefox on a Mac. It had worked fine 12 hours ago when I was keywording, and now it's all misaligned, as MizBrown describes.
  3. I was using AIM earlier in the day to keyword images, and it worked fine. However tonight (9:50 pm PST), when I click on an image, there is a white blank space in the pane to the right where the keyword etc information should be. Instead that information is appearing below that blank space and I have to scroll down (so I no longer see the image I'm working on) to be able to add keywords etc. Anyone else having this glitch?
  4. As of the March 4 update, I have no zooms or sales either. But there's only been one regular working day, Mar 1, so I'm not worried about it. There's lots more of the month to go. (and I don't compare myself to Keith, who is way out of my league!).
  5. But now there is editorial RF, isn't there? With all the changes it does get a bit confusing. Maria
  6. Number of zooms and sales number were half my monthly average.
  7. Thanks for posting it John. I received the same response by email overnight. It is definitely more helpful than the previous guideline. Maria
  8. See https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/11101-odd-alamy-measures/
  9. Fun topic, thanks Michael! Here are a couple. Lovers made of sand. At the CNE sand sculpting exhibit in Toronto. And the Love Perogy foodtruck in Victoria, BC.
  10. Agreed. I'm still unclear about the policy. I have several images of statues, sculptures, totem poles, etc and I'm wondering if none of them can be exclusive to alamy (even though they aren't at any other agency). I've sent them an email.
  11. Hi Hannah, Incorrect keywords will harm your alamy rankings and put your images lower in the searches. For example, with your image of a woman selling jewellery at a market stall C0755N, all of the keywords except a couple are about food and are irrelevant to the image. Potential buyers won't be impressed if such an image pops up when they are searching for one of those keywords, like "grilled food" "Indian food" and "vegan diet". Be sure to check each image to make sure irrelevant keywords haven't been added (accidently or not). Maria
  12. Congratulations Michael! And Wim, thanks for the details on all the previous competitions, wow! Maria
  13. An unimpressive first month of the year. 2 sales, $8.57 net. Onward and upwards, as you folks over the pond say!
  14. Thanks Paulette. I see it now, I had not scrolled down far enough. Maria
  15. Thanks Wim, I'm honoured to have one of mine included in the shortlist. Also thanks for the topic, they all make me smile .
  16. Where do I find this check box, I'm not seeing it in AIM? Maria
  17. AFAIK, photos from your phone are not suitable for alamy's main image library. But you can check out their other avenue for such images: https://www.stockimo.com/
  18. Happy new lunar year! Happy new spring cherry blossoms! Happy new graduands!
  19. Morningstar Mill in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Winter.
  20. So you are uploading your images withe the help of your Fotor software? I'm not familiar with it but wonder what the output is, i.e., what is your file size and quality? Perhaps it is downsizing the images for posting online, or something like that.
  21. I interpreted "print sales" to include POD sites, but wouldn't mind hearing alamys response to the inquires emailed to them.
  22. Sorry to hear that things are so tough in Seville for you Ed. Perhaps you could connect with more English speakers through a meetup group. I checked and there are a few in Seville (and some others as well): Maria
  23. AFAIK, Disney is very protective of their copyrights and very restrictive in the selling of images (commercial or editorial) from their properties. That's probably why there are so few images of their parks etc.
  24. So many impressive images, I've really enjoyed viewing them. Here are my submissions: Simon Fraser University campus: Vineyard in the Okanagan:
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