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  1. 3 MB size is fine for QC. The 17MB requirement is for the uncompressed file size, not the jpg. From the alamy contributor pages: File size of over 17MB (when uncompressed/open) Your JPEG file is likely to have a compressed size of 3-5MB. Opening a JPEG in an image program such as Adobe Photoshop will show you the uncompressed/open file size.
  2. I agree there are too many fireworks photos. I would only submit a few of your very best (one's that make you go wow!). And for future fireworks shoots, try to include more of the setting along with the fireworks. If someone is searching for photos of a particular fireworks event, they probably want to see more than just the dark sky and fireworks. Maria
  3. Hi Frederik I agree with the others - your photos are good but you have too many similars. It's better to have a more diverse portfolio. Also it's good to check see what's in the alamy library already. I checked and there are 106 000+ images of coffee beans and 66000+ of raspberries. That's a lot of competition!
  4. Three sales, and double the zooms this month compared to Jan & Feb. I'm happy with that
  5. Agree with everything you said Wim! And for whoever is interested, although there are many images of the buildings below in the first page of a search for "Government House, Victoria, Canada", this is NOT Government House. That is a different building at a different location. Pictured are the Provincial Parliament buildings (just picked a couple at random).
  6. I wish there was some sort of reporting mechanism for blatant keyword or caption errors. It would improve customer search results.
  7. Congratulations! You have a nice collection of images.
  8. Thanks for posting the full size images. They have very nice content and I like the composition on the images. However, viewed at 100%, the images are out of focus and the pixels look jagged. Lots of noise too. I agree with the others - try reprocessing them from the Raw files, without overprocessing or oversharpening them. If they aren't sharp enough to begin with, then don't submit them to alamy QC. Maria
  9. Burnaby Mountain Park Japanese Ainu totems at sunset after the last snowfall a couple weeks ago.
  10. Most of my images are exclusive. Zooms are doing a bit better this month but otherwise I haven't noticed much difference.
  11. You will get more answers to this question if you post under "Portfolio Critique". But I can tell you the likely answer - keywords! In most of your images you have only one, two or three keywords, and several of them appear to have none (which I didn't think was possible). Any many are irrelevant or not useful. For example, a photo of two gulls has one keyword - "water". Also there were a lot of spelling errors among the few keywords I saw. You need complete and accurate keywording for customers to be able to find your images.
  12. MarkK I'm surprised that you got that response from the alamy live news team. The race seems like a newsworthy subject to me. I have submitted photos of local events from here in Vancouver, Canada, to live news, usually with no problem. I think it's worth making another inquiry into their decision.
  13. Usually the advice is to contact alamy if a sale is not reported within 3 months. It can take a while for sales to be reported, and I find newspapers can sometimes take the longest. But they usually do report eventually. Maria
  14. Having more variety of images is helpful, as others have said. For subjects you want to submit, check in AofA to see how often customers search for it, and then see what your competition is in the alamy library. Only submit your best, and not too many similars. You may have a lot on a particular subject, but do you have any that stand out compared to the rest already on alamy? Or that shows some different approach or viewpoint? Also two months is not a long time to get results. For example, I just had a first time sale today of an image I uploaded in May 2016 and that was zoom
  15. I usually add the image to whichever lightbox I have active at the moment, copy the image location from there, paste it into the discussion thread, and then go back and delete the image from the lightbox. So I haven't tried deleting the entire lightbox, but the image still shows up in the discussion thread even after I've deleted it from the lightbox. Maria
  16. I'm on an older Mac. Lately I have been saving the image I want to post to a lightbox, and then right clicking from there to get the image location (and then changing the "thumbs" part of the address to "comp" when it is pasted in). Maria
  17. Similar to John, a bit over 75% of my sales in the last year have not had people in the images, and the two biggest sales (including my biggest of all time) had no people. That is partly because I don't have a high proportion of people in my images. But I believe as long as one's portfolio includes well-taken photos of subjects that customers are looking for, then one can have some success. Maria
  18. BC Place stadium and Vancouver skyline. The stadium was illuminated with international flags for the Canada Sevens rugby tournament that took place last weekend.
  19. A fun topic! Young deer having a Winter snack in Victoria, BC. Visitors and locals enjoying the many flavours of gelato in Vancouver:
  20. It was from another agency, mind you. But the punchline is that the photo was not of him after all. Just another, very similar hipster. https://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/man-angry-his-photo-was-used-to-prove-all-hipsters-look-alike-then-learns-it-wasn-t-him-1.5046933?fbclid=IwAR0V7izB0-S9U3VwehKJqWBksrHfFQCJnzev6zCI5DfaYeI7opjvCSkFpLo
  21. That's disconcerting, I hadn't heard about the recall. Thanks for posting the notice Sharon. I went and checked my battery and it's not on the recall list, phew. Maria
  22. I was using Firefox, with an older MacOS. I seem to have found a solution by selecting "Zoom Text Only" from the options in Firefox.
  23. I tried that and it didn't work. However I just tried something different now, selecting "Zoom Text Only" and that seemed to make it go back to normal. They must have tweaked something in the code, because I don't think I've ever modified that setting (or even knew about it). Maria
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