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  1. 23 hours ago, John Mitchell said:


    Sorry to hear that. I'm still in the same leaky boat re CTR. It ended the month at 0.24 (only 10 zooms for the entire month), the lowest numbers that I can remember. Somehow, though, I managed a decent number of sales. Let's hope that there is reset of some kind in January.


    Thanks.  I am feeling optimistic as things can only go up from here 😃.

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  2. On 11/12/2020 at 05:09, wiskerke said:


    All methods work. Dragging and dropping can be done from a variety of places.

    There is a preview function in the box where you put your post in, or your edit. It's the small magnifying glass button between the Size and GIF buttons. Set it to phone tab to check for the most extreme squishing.


    How to cure squishing: go to edit your post > double click on your image > tick the box Keep original aspect ratio > click Update.


    When the image falls outside of the allowed size, the offending box will now turn red and tell you what to do. However it's not always the box that works! Tech is clearly working on this.

    So for the moment just try the other box and tick/untick the original aspect ratio box until the size goes down. And the original aspect ratio box remains ticked. Still check the preview after hitting Update.

    Allowed sizes for the moment: The height must be less than 750px

    So 749 or 748px should be fine.

    Width is probably less than 1000px at the moment. However the red boxes don't appear when the width is too large. It just will refuse to go over 1000. So both boxes are behaving differently at the moment for some reason.






    Thanks for the useful tips Wim.  I finally went back and fixed a couple of my images.



  3. 14 hours ago, John Mitchell said:


    CTR from my dashboard graph:


    September -- 0.63 (average for me)

    October -- 0.47

    November -- 0.41

    December -- 0.25


    Anyone else seeing a similar drop in CTR? Curiously, this fall from grace hasn't affected my sales that much -- nine so far this month, which means that with a little luck I could make it to my monthly average of 14.


    Mine is following a similar trajectory John.  Sept-Dec  my CTR has been .52, .53, .49 and .25 for this month.  Lowest in over a year, and not a sale yet this month.

  4. 5 hours ago, John Mitchell said:

    I've been lucky when it comes to refunds. I get very few. However, today four refunds -- all in the low $$ category -- popped up, which is a new single-day record for me. They are apparently all to the same client (travel guide use) and were licensed in June 2020. Has anyone else experienced this today? 


    I came here to ask the same question.  I had 2 refunds for UK travel guide images licensed in June.  Both were of Victoria, BC.

  5. Small sale for this image showed up Friday.  $   Making a couple bucks from my gardening.


    Country: Worldwide
    Usage: Editorial
    Media: Editorial website
    Industry sector: Media, design & publishing
    Image Size: Any size
    Start: 16 October 2020
    End: 16 October 2025
    One use in a single editorial article used within the digital versions of a single publication. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article



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  6. Hi Kamira,

    Most of my alamy sales this year are of images I uploaded in previous years.  It can take a while before someone is looking for what you have in your portfolio.  As has been mentioned, keywording is very important.  Always include plurals of objects, even if there is only one in your image.  For example, if someone was looking for an image of "antique vehicles in Cuba", they wouldn't find your nice image 2D4MRM0 of an antique car in Havana, because you only have the singular "vehicle" in the keywords.



  7. On 04/11/2020 at 11:31, Dave Handson said:

     Hi Maria


    spotted your image on the BBC quiz show ‘House of Games’ broadcast 4th November 2020. Image was cropped around the needle point (cross stitch as they used on the show) 




    Thanks so much Dave!  My mom's cross-stitch made it to television,  wow.  She passed away last year so knowing her work appeared on the telly makes me happy.



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