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  1. Thanks! Having the beauty of Banff and Lake Louise to shoot won't hurt you at all in that quest! Good luck..
  2. I actually re did the scans; 1 at 2400 DPI at original size, and 1 each at 600 DPI at 4x6 and 5x7. They all passed QC, so that's what I will do going forward.
  3. Hello, all.. I need some advice on scanning slides. I have a good scanner (EPSON V600) and Lightroom to make any exposure. etc. changes that are necessary. My question is: what size do I need to make the scans resolve to? I tried one pass with A4 size, but they got rejected as they were "soft" and had "noise". Any insights and/or suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks!
  4. After a year and a half on Alamy, I have made my first sale! It was an Editorial royalty-free sale. Thanks to all of those who've given me feedback and advice when asked.
  5. Hmm.. no I did not. Thanks for the heads up. I will make those changes.
  6. Thanks, guys. Hey, at least you're not telling me my images suck.. Great advice. A lot of these images were manipulated in Lightroom. I still have the unsaturated originals. What would you suggest I do with them? Is having two versions of the same image with different saturation levels kosher, or is that to be frowned upon by the group?
  7. Mille grazie, Alex! I appreciate the honest feedback. That's GREAT advice that I will take to heart.
  8. Hello all: I'm finally to the point where I have a decent amount of images up and for sale. I'd like to ask if any of you would be willing to look at my portfolio and offer any critiques (positive AND negative). I figure the only way to get better is to hear from your peers and betters and take their advice to heart. Any advice would be greatly appreciated by this amateur. Cheers!
  9. Does that matter in any concrete way, or is this something that is just a quirk with Alamy? 50 seems like a LOT of terms to come up with to describe an image and I don't want gibberish on there to discourage customers from looking at my pictures. Many thanks for thoughtful responses
  10. New to the forum, but have been "on" Alamy for a little over a year. Got a little frustrated by not making sales right away (I know), so I'm back in the game. My portfolio tends to be travel-related, especially Western Europe, but I try to get unusual angles and focus on details. I'm hoping to learn a lot from the amazing photographers on this site as this is a passion of mine. Cheers!!
  11. Are there any caveats about that? I know some of my images are of "architectural" elements but they tend to be older (lots of medieval buildings).
  12. ..but how many images do I need to have "on sale" to realistically expect to see results? I'm currently uploading the bulk of my best shots to QC, as I currently only have about 270 images for sale. Additionally, any tips or techniques on finding keywords? I can usually come up with 25-30 just by remembering what I was thinking when I took the picture, but it gets exponentially harder from there. Any advice would be most humbly appreciated. Cheers!
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