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  1. I really wish I could shoot RAW more, I'm impressed with the quality it has. But storage/processor limitations have held me back: I'm on the last 12GB of a 1TB drive right now! Still, I use RAW for those "once in a lifetime" photos that I know just have to be right.
  2. I shoot in Live View, use the "sunny 16" rule, and bracket until I get the exposure right if I'm shooting manual. But Aperture Priority covers all my needs right now
  3. It really is the person behind the camera. I enjoy reading books on combat photography because some of the images are just technically bad: film burns, light leaks, water damage, sub-par focusing/exposure. But the Idea that the artist behind the lens wanted to express was recorded, and that is what makes timeless images. But the best is when the two meet and you have photographs that are technically excellent and artistically inspired!
  4. I really reccomend tripods made by Three Legged Thing (3leggedthing.com) if you are dissatisfied with your new one (Removable centerpost, strong legs, removable leg for monopod, 5-star reviews, etc). A tripod should always be the best you can afford or you will wind up not wanting to use it because of the hassle, etc... But what about in-camera noise reduction? I use a EOS 77D and have set the NR to strong, it gives acceptable results up to ISO 3200, decent to 12800, but begins to lose detail. Is this a process is should do in the computer? I have both Photoshop and Lightroom, as w
  5. The Sony RX100 is great for hiking too. I have a friend who shoots for Crusade Magazine (tfp.org) . He used one for his 100+ mile walk in Spain/Portugal known as the Santiago de Compostella.
  6. Yeah, I need to open more time organizing my photos, but currently I'm at St Louis de Montfort Academy Boarding School (montfortacademy.edu) and all my time is taken up there with teaching other students photography and cinema.
  7. Well, investing in some "Press ID's" might be a good idea. I will be getting some IDs to help with my work for montfortacademy.edu and tfpstudentaction.org. It is still a good thing to have written permission when necessary/possible, so I try to procure what official paperwork I need.
  8. I really like both! I'm still waiting though, wish me luck!
  9. wow, that is sad, and you are lucky you postponed your trip one day!
  10. I really love my Sigma 18-200mm not because of its sharpness (ahem, lack thereof) but because i can use it as my dust cap on my camera. Now I don't have to worry about grabbing the right lens when I notice something photogenic: I can capture the moment, then I can grab better glass later. Still, I would really like to have a sharper lens...
  11. I hope you work it out. I've found that wireless comms are really helpful. I can get photos to friends right after taking them by using an iPad with the Canon Connect software
  12. I thought about taking photos in some very small pipes (about 25" diameter) i crawled through once. Still can't believe I did that with claustrophobia!
  13. I really have no idea how to identify horses. The only kinds I know are Arabians and Lippizans. Could anyone ID this fellow for me? I was considering a Morgan Here is another view.
  14. How do you search? I need to know this technique!
  15. This fellow I photographed in Lake Charles, La. Yes, it appears to be the said Northern Mockingbird. Thanks!
  16. I'm considering acquiring a GoPro Hero 6 for my videography purposes. Considering I could take this little package places my DSLR would die in, would it produce images with enough quality for Alamy QC? It has a 12MP 1/2.3 sensor and can shoot RAW, HDR, and has manual control.
  17. I have a photo of this bird on a roof. It is grey with black and white markings on the wings, black beak, black legs, and golden eyes. Help Identifying and on how to ID birds would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  18. So far, my 77D has been handling autofocusing in dim and dark situations pretty well. The only time I'm shooting in super dark areas (eg. night sky) I use MF so I can focus my lenses using the focus scale. Also, the 18-135mm STM would be the APS-C equivalent of the 24-105, right? Or should one just use the 24-105 with the crop?
  19. I really like laptops made by Alienware. You can buy them online
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