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  1. Thank you for the reply, Jill. Yes I did see that on the submission guidelines. I submitted my images in jpeg, I just wasn't sure if any test ones I sent had been jpeg instead of raw to start with. Some of my photos are shot in jpeg when I'm running out of space and away from home & trying to get a few extra shots that are nice.
  2. I'll have some research to do on better sensors for an upgrade in the future. Thanks for the reply spacecadet.
  3. Thank you again Kay and Betty! Yeah I've been looking through the forums more and saw people mention that old list that was taken down (too bad, though my camera my not have been on it anyway). For now it's the camera I have to stick with, so I think Alamy will not be in the cards at the moment. I will try to send 3 test photos when they open the freeze in 10 days, just to be sure, but I think as you said due to the small sensor it's just not going to happen on this site. I can do raw & jpeg and will make sure that the photos I choose were in raw before submitting again. I know technology
  4. Thank you Kay, I'll read over that again, I did go over it before submitting but missed the 3 photo limit somehow...maybe because it was 3 AM.
  5. The 3 photo limit did not come up on any of the information I looked at. I went over a few different pages on Alamy before submitting and didn't see any limitations or I wouldn't have sent the wrong number of test photos. I always check my photos and the one that said it was soft looked fine to me at 100%. Of course there are sometimes going to be times where what seems okay to me might be not quite good enough for a reviewer, I understand that. As to the assumption that the rest of my images are fine, as a new submitter, reading the notice that is on the rest of the photos where it is saying
  6. Hi everyone. I didn't see (until too late) that you only need to submit 3 images for testing now on Alamy. I had submitted 8 images, and because some sites would like 10, I submitted 4 more. Then I got my QC result back saying 3 things-- one image was soft or lacking definition, digital camera was not suitable for Alamy (though it is the same camera I used for the other 11 photos) and Number of images listed on that photo in the batch of 8. The other 7 and the 4 from the 2nd batch all said, we need all 3 images to pass, this image will pass if resubmitted, but check images with a failure reaso
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