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  1. I tried 500px and their standards are also very high. I think I have some pretty good photo's but the darned limitations of my smartphone seem to be creeping up on me. I live in the Philippines (Moved here a year ago) so a great place to take photo's... tropical islands and very beautiful. Unfortunately getting gear here, or money is deuce hard. 3rd world and all that. I brought this S6 Edge with me from the United States a year ago. Anyhow, I really appreciate all your advice. I will see if I can get a decent DSLR around here somewhere. Getting used stuff here is easy and cheap, but not when it comes to technology like a good DSLR camera I'm sure. I'm still learning about DSLR camera's, will pretty much any DSLR be better than a 16 Megapixel smartphone camera? Even if the camera is 5 or 6 megapixel?
  2. I have an android device, I don't use Iphone. The site you sent looks to be only for Iphone. While I realize this probably isn't good enough to take professional photo's, I have to say the S6 edge does a pretty good job. Apparently not quite good enough though. My images are getting accepted on shutterstock, but not Getty. I'm guessing Getty has higher quality standards?
  3. Thank you. Very good advice, and I appreciate anything I can get to get me started on the right track!
  4. Hello, I am new in Photography but have gotten heavily into it. I take photo's daily as much as possible and spend a great deal of time learning how to post process the photo's in Photoshop better and learning the in's and out's of the program. I'm left with a few questions after going through countless other photo's from good photographers. First, I notice their photo's are crystal clear and usually devoid of noise. I've tried using reduce noise to reduce the noise in my photo's, as well as using a small surface blur, and even tried using a second layer with the image on top of the first layer as overlay or screen to increase contrast. I've tried using high pass also. While those things seem to work to a minor degree (Nomatter what I put the settings to) the images don't turn out like what I see with the professionals. While they look nice, if zoomed in to max resolution you see issues. If I use reduce noise or blur to fix the noise, it becomes too blurry. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to shoot photo's, using pro mode so that I have as much control as possible and even doing zoom manually to get the sharpest picture possible. I have the ISO setting at 50 or 100, sometimes 200 if it's dark. I realize shooting with a high ISO will cause noise so I keep it as low as possible and try to shoot in well lit area's. I adjust the shutter speed to allow only as much light as necessary to avoid blurry pictures, and in the settings I tell the camera to save the raw dng files so that I have more to work with post processing. I realize I need a better camera, but I don't have enough money at the moment to upgrade. I was hoping to make money with what I have so that I could buy a professional DSLR camera. So, the questions I have for you guys are: 1.) What is the best entry level camera? I don't have a lot of money to spend, but I need something better than this Smartphone I imagine. I've read the best entry level is the Nikon D3300 or D3400. 2.) How much better is an entry level DSLR over a Galaxy S6 Edge? Will the photo quality improve greatly? 3.) What kind of post processing in Photoshop do you normally do to make images look their best? Are there any good tips on making images crisp/clear and noise/artifact free? Thank you in advance for your help!
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