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  1. That's a great way to look at it. Photography is awesome, I wish I'd have gotten into it sooner.
  2. I read that 50mm is also much better indoors and allows you to set the ISO lower indoors due to the wider apertures. Really having trouble indoors as I don't have flash (Planning on getting flash and adding a homemade flash diffuser. I read all kinds of useful articles showing how to use a milk carton, calling card and various other things that bounce/diffuse the flash.
  3. Thanks, I will. The dog I purposefully raised the exposure in raw to drown out the background and make it cleaner. I really need to get that 50mm lens for better background blur. Thanks for your tips! I am having a lot of fun, and practicing a lot is helping me get comfortable with shooting manually so it's all good. Can't wait to go back to the province of Pangasinan and out of the city. A lot more good stuff to shoot there. Still shy about pulling the camera out in the city but I imagine being shy about pulling it out is something that will pass with time.
  4. I'm now familiar with all the settings on the camera, and understand the exposure triangle and shooting in manual mode 100% of the time. I'm finding setting things a bit time consuming for anything except still objects and predictable subjects so I'm sure there will be times I use auto, but I'm really loving shooting in full manual. Sharp, clear and using minimum ISO rather than letting auto jack the ISO extremely high keeps pictures from getting grainy. I've done a lot of reading (I read very quickly and have a high comprehension rate so I've done an enormous amount of studying for the short time I've done this so far) and I can now read the histogram and understand how to use it to avoid over or under exposure and I know what long exposure is and how to take night shots, use long exposure to make some cool motion and lighting effects. I've learned about the rule of thirds and researched every composition technique I could find and learned a great deal, as well as different hacks to achieve things with a camera that otherwise would take expensive equipment to achieve. I plan on getting a 50mm prime lens when I get some money as well as a macro and a tripod. I tried flipping my current lens backward to use that as a macro and it worked, I just couldn't take a picture as the camera didn't detect a lens attached because I was holding it. Bummer... I understand the nature of aperture and depth of field, shutter speed and how faster shutter speeds stop motion and slower shutter speeds allow motion blur depending on the length and how anything above 800 ISO is very grainy, but 800 and below is ok. Of course the lower the better but I've also learned how to remove the grain using the raw photoshop plugin without removing too much detail, if there is indeed grain. I have a long way to go, and a lot more practice but I'm taking much better photo's in just the amount of time I've spent learning thus far and am very happy with my progress even in this short amount of time. Like I said, I'm passionate and dedicated when it comes to acquiring new skills and I'm a fast learner. Passion can really drive a person to learn things quickly! Here's one of my recent photo's so you can see my progress. The child in one of them is my son.
  5. I have many years of search engine optimization behind my belt. I know how search engine algorithms work generally and how to do keyword research and such and use them without too much repetition or killing the ratio.proximity. That should help when I do end up putting my images up when they are good enough. Of course I'll have to learn what people are searching for when searching for images, it's not quite the same as search engines, but at least I have a foundation to work from. I've been researching what people want from a stock photo site, and I myself have purchased from stock photo site's so I have a general idea, just need to hone my understanding better. Yes, they are basic questions but everyone starts somewhere and I had no idea what I was walking into when I made this post on the forum, it seemed like a nice place for fellow photographers to learn from one another, and if there's one thing that I love doing it's gleaning wisdom from those that are more experienced than I am. Wisdom is best obtained through listening to those with more experience and with more wisdom than we possess in any given area or expertise.
  6. Fixed the SD card reader problem, had to go to realtek site and manually download windows 10 drivers. Looking at the photo's now. I set everything to auto for now for a test and my goodness, even on auto these pictures are so much better. I'm excited to go out tomorrow and start getting to know the camera on a more intimate level. = D No flash on it, but I assume that's not used much anyhow. I read a lot about how camera flash introduces unnatural light to the subject. I have a natural glow light stick that adds a soft light over everything that I plan on using if I need light, to reduce unwanted shadows. I can hold that back from as far as I need so that it doesn't introduce too much unnatural light or glare.
  7. Very limited, you have no idea lol. I ran my own company in the United States but I met someone, left the states and moved here. Left my company behind. People are dumping their PC's in the States and going with tablets and mobile devices so my main staple income, computer repair was losing ground anyhow. My server mangement and web design skills are what's keeping me afloat at the moment but it's not much. Thank God Filipino's are so good with finding good deals and living on very little. I'm driven to find a better income not to get rich but for survival. My wife and son depend on me and what I make online is all I have to offer. So yes, I do hope to make an income, but at least it doesn't take much to survive here. The cost of living in the United States was much, much higher. Aside from the obvious need for surviving, I find that I'm extremely passionate about taking photo's. A passion that was left undiscovered until I came here and started taking them. I suppose there's something to say about moving to a new country where everything is different. You want to take pictures of everything you see that the locals find mundane. They look at me strange and say "Why are you taking pictures of THAT!!??" well, it's not mundane where I come from! Moving here has caused me to find a new love. Photography, and I intend on pursuing it to the fullest degree possible!
  8. Thanks, I will remember that. I love this camera, a lot better than my phone for sure. Still trying to get the pictures onto my laptop as my laptops SD card reader is having a driver issue and I didn't get a USB cable with the camera and don't have one on hand, but I've been through all the settings and checked them out, taken some test pictures. Really loving it. Planning on purchasing it from my sister in law in installments. She only bought it when she was in Taiwan because 'everyone had one' but has no idea how to use it, nor any inclination to learn. I'm going to master all the settings and keep researching the art of photography. This is a great deal of fun, and you are right.. what's not to love? Even if I don't make any money at least I've picked up a new useful skill and having a blast doing it. My computer repair skills are next to useless in this country as people don't really own computers here, so I was hoping to get some sort of income from photo's eventually but I realize it will take time. I don't expect a whole lot, it doesn't take much to live in this country anyhow with 53.40 peso per US Dollar. = ) We'll see how it goes, whatever happens, happens as they say. Just going to focus on getting some kickbutt shots and eventually contribute and see where it goes. You are all wonderful, even those of you who were pretty candid and upfront. I understand the annoyance and frustration. As a web designer it always frustrated me when I would hand code site's in notepad and see people throw up easy web builder site's and say "Look what I made!!". Really??? But did you code it and did it take any skill at all to make it??? I get it. I don't like doing things the easy way. I like doing it the right and proper way. Probably in most professions, doing things manually may very well be more difficult, but pays off with flexibility and the raw power of having control over every aspect of your element.
  9. Thank you, I will do that. I've done a crapload of reading thus far and learned a lot. I realize it's not just about reading/learning but practice and an eye for composing good shots. I intent to take all this into account to build my craft. Even if the images don't sell, I'm a web designer and I can figure ways to incorporate my photo's into my designs so they will be useful regardless and I won't have to go pay for photo's as I've done in the past. I've put quite a bit of money into buying photo's for my site designs. Take that into consideration before some of you get upset about the competition, I've paid my stock photography dues.
  10. I do have a lot to learn, but I'm ready to. I'm a programmer/technician and I learn very quickly and a very passionate and dedicated person. I will be putting my all into learning this new craft. I'm not a fly by night as stated earlier. I would urge who said that not to pass blanket judgements, they are not always correct.
  11. I do not at all see this as a get rich quick scheme, I live in a third world country and both passionate about technology/photography and in need of a small amount of income to upgrade my gear. I think the 'type' you are used to has given you an improper perspective on everyone starting out in the craft. I'm sorry that has happened, but I assure you I fully realize the amount of work and time one must put into a craft before you become 'good at it'. I think my post is just fine, if you don't wish to participate in it, then I urge you not to.
  12. My wife just handed me a camera that her sister has and told me I could use until I can get my own. It's a Sony Nex-5 with 3.5-5.6/18-55 optical steady shot lens. Is this good enough to start with? The lens is pretty large.
  13. I appreciate your candid answer, but I would think that each person should be able to make his/her own choice as to whether to help someone who is new to the profession out with advice. Thank you.
  14. My wife is pretty good about keeping an eye for deals. I just found a used D80 for 100 dollars but I'm not sure if the person has sold it by now or not. I'll have to take what I can get for now and move up when I get $$. Your advice is as good as gold to me, thank you.
  15. I notice I get a better image on my phone when I manually control all the settings rather than leave it on auto. Do you always manually control the settings for maximum quality or are there times you leave it on auto and let the camera automatically adjust? I noticed there are times when I have time to adjust all the settings but sometimes there's just no time to adjust as by the time I'm done adjusting manually the moment is gone or whatever.
  16. Just did, looks like a bill tried to pass a few years ago prohibiting it here, but after a public outcry the guy who put the bill out retracted it. Other than security guards at private establishments, it looks to be fine here. Thanks for the tips, that helps a ton.
  17. The advice is awesome. Reading all of it. Soaking it in. Need to learn more about lenses. So basically for the most part, a good lens will make a cheaper entry level camera perform well? Do you need special lenses for different situations or will one good lens cover most situations? What about shadows? I notice shadows are a big problem often, do you use a soft external light to get rid of them, a light on the camera.. or ?
  18. I see stock photo's that have been accepted where there's lots of random people in the photo's. I know that each person needs a written permission to use their photo's, so are these photographers asking each person on the street if they have permission to use their photo's? That would be crazy ridiculous. I moved to the Philippines a year ago, and often I'm left not taking photo's that I otherwise would because of all the people in them. There are people everywhere here, so getting photo's without people in the shot is very difficult often. Also, it would be nice to take photo's of people on the streets or whatever without worrying about having each person sign something. Aside from the fact that would be tedious, very few people in this country would actually understand why I'm asking them to sign something, or even what it's for and asking would cause a lot of confusion, even if my wife were to translate what I was wanting. People here don't care about copyright laws, and most don't even know what copyright protection is, or care about it at all. Are these photo's I'm seeing all for editorial use only, or is there some special thing happening here that I'm not aware of that's allowing people to use photo's that contain a lot of random people on the street without asking all of their permissions? Thanks in advance.
  19. Is there anything I should watch out for when looking for a DSLR? For instance, important camera features that I will want to make sure is included before I Purchase? I'm looking through the very small selection of Philippine DSLR's on various site's my wife was browsing but I don't know enough about the camera's yet to know which would be good.
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