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  1. The addition of the term "relevant details" gets my attention. The changes I skimmed over seemed to make what they can do with our images and their obligations to the contributor more vague and open to their interpretation.
  2. Same here with music. Almost no album sales yet piracy like crazy. Be it music, photos, movies... people honestly believe it should all be free with no regard for the creators and work to create it. Actually had multiple coworkers at work today ranting together about how copyrights are stupid and everything should be free for them. Like a fountain of infinite appeasement. You simply cannot tell them otherwise. Those photographers giving their photos away for free feeds that attitude in exchange for feeling important about themselves. At least until they realize others are making money off of their work they gave away for nothing.
  3. Customer activity and sales have crashed everywhere as far as I've seen. I believe its because free is now the new normal thanks to sites like Unsplash and Pexels. They manipulate tons of photographers who are desperate for attention to give their work away for free so they can get massive site traffic and smother out the whole online stock industry. Now consumers expect images for free and stock photos have little to no value. I think thats why prices are dropping on all sites so much, as they are trying to compete with free to stay alive. While these sites dont cover unique editorial content like Alamy has, it still affects the consumers impression of the value of a stock photo regardless. There used to be a huge shift from macro to micro... now its moving to free. Thats where the fish are going. While these free photographers argue that its just a hobby for them and they want to feel good about themselves giving their work away for nothing, it lays waste to everyone else. You invest in your future by adding value to your product, not subtracting. Its tough to have a future in something that now operates at a loss.
  4. My first news image of a severe lightning storm starting wildfires in my area(Canada) was rejected while other shots of a sunny or cloudy weather status or people walking down the street in the UK stays online. I guess I'm done with that. Navigating favoritism on some agencies gets old fast. I didnt need sleep last night anyways.
  5. JEDphoto

    All in.

    True enough about subscriptions. Its cheaper per image that way but your locked into it. On SS, there was usually a spike in sales at the end of the month as I assumed purchases were being made for possible future use just to use up monthly subscription credits. Bigger payout for the agency but smaller scraps for the contributor who actually owns the property to begin with. Subject matter is certainly key. Especially with less traffic here. Alexa webstats show a steady drop in traffic here since april. Likely a good indicator of sales trends.
  6. JEDphoto

    All in.

    Great discussion. My port is very small as I'm still somewhat new to this compared to many. My income is horribly low and I'm stuck in a small town for now, so I wanted to build some other independent revenue sources doing what I I really enjoy. Variety of things to shoot here is limited and travel is too expensive for me which is very limiting. I was focused on building my port at SS as fishing where the fish are seemed the most logical. Stock was already devalued and wrecked by micro by the time I started. I was getting steady increases every month for over a year trying various niches. Then SS started self destructing too bad and I finally gave up with them. Other micro seemed not far behind for declining contributor sales. The volume of micro sales needed to be worth the effort is continually falling as the libraries get bigger and quality drops. Also I think consumers are shifting over to using free RF sites as many are popping up which kills sales even further. I'm hoping that focusing on niche topics here will help the odds of sparce sales with some sort of value. My first image sale here alone made me half of my total of 257 sales at SS. I've been trying different categories and topics here hoping to spread the net wider to read what sells in this environment. I find different agencies have different demands. I'm curious as to why Alamy customers actually buy from here given the cheaper alternatives elsewhere. Image content not covered in micro? Image quality difference? Better search engine and easier to find desired images? Loyalty to Alamy because of service history? Competing with micro and free sites will be rough so we must do better.
  7. Do most customers search for images within their favorite agency site or use google and get sparse image results from everywhere all at once? A contributor has at least some influence of how their images show up within the agency search. Not so much with google.
  8. JEDphoto

    All in.

    Well, it seems most sales here are celebrities, locations and movies judging by the stats. Likely content not easily covered by micro. My portfolio is super small but I try and shoot strategically with a purpose instead of just random quantity. In my experience, thats what sells regularly. Havent had luck here yet beyond a couple of sales. Not alot of traffic here which I expected. My thinking is that rare sales here will still amount to more than weekly quarters elsewhere.
  9. JEDphoto

    All in.

    Even though I've been on Alamy for quite some time, I've never really made much of an effort here. A change in strategy now as I have abandoned the microstock game and decided to focus my efforts here. I'd rather fight to get fewer sales with some form of value and accomplishment than falling microstock sales/rates while being buried deeper in garbage photos. Microstock quality continually declines in favor of quantity and I believe that will create an increasing demand for higher quality images in the future, regardless of the higher price. Alamy seems to be a more positive and professional environment as well. Moving forward.
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