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  1. Thanks to you all for your suggestions so far. There are two main ideas for me to have a look at.
  2. As a relative newcomer to stock photography, I have been using my DSLR (Nikon D700) all the time but there are occasions when I could perhaps do with a smaller, less cumbersome camera to use. With such a choice out there can I ask what other contributors use knowing that the images will satisfy QC? Apologies if it has been asked before too recently.
  3. Hi Starsphinx, you're not a million miles from me, I'm in Westbury! How are you finding things?
  4. Phil, I have tried to upload this, do you have an address I can PM you to?
  5. Thanks a lot, sorry to be so thick. I never needed to know this in my studio!
  6. Thank you everyone, it's still as clear as mud but I'll just double check the image size in P/Shop every time before submitting. Just seems a little longwinded that's all.
  7. Thanks spacecadet, didn't know you could do that. You learn something new every minute of every day! I'm still puzzled mind, I've just followed that route and found the boathouse image and it shows a file size of 34.5mb. How is that when the IPTC/EXIF info on Lightroom shows 12.88?
  8. Thanks Gareth but where did you get the uncompressed size from and, how do you get to see my images? No objection but just wondered. Cheers, davidd
  9. As a newcomer I'm a little confused about the requirements for images size. Everything I read tells me that my images should be at least 17mb for submission and yet QC are passing images at less than this. The exif and IPTC data on many of my images is less than 17mb, does this mean I cannot submit them?
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