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  1. Thank you Madame, you really have a rich fantasy to explain an happy wedding jajaja, cute. Seriously, i know all the hard work to do, the question is: how much to push up the view/sales all this hard work? I never had a planned shotting for Alamy, i think i will folllow you preciouses advices. Claudio
  2. This is really true, the keywording was done running and bad, it is an hard work for me, i'm italian, english language is not my natural and i don't like to spend too much time on PC. Thank you so much friend. A CTR 0.50 is good? Thank you in advance.
  3. Thank you for your advice, i will take more actencion in the next shots, what do you recomend about the collection on sale? How i can pump up the performance? Thank you in advance.
  4. Yes i know, thank you for advise, stoks was always my 2nd business, now i would like to do better. My question was what could do with all the colllection on sale? How i improve the performance of it? Thank you in advance for your advice.
  5. Hi guys, i'm a long time contributor, my collection is 80% editorial, i think could to have a better performance of sales. than now (5-7 pics/month) I don't spend so much time in Stock business, i know but welcome any recomandation for a better results. Thank you.
  6. Hi I've found differents duplicates in just one search key, try to search: Botanical Garden soller C15TB9 imageBROKER GDBWB1 Arco Images GmbH BWPMBN Prisma by Dukas Presseagentur GmbH GDER3D Arco Images GmbH CPHF75 Prisma by Dukas Presseagentur GmbH I would like to undestand it.
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