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  1. I had two in there for four days, came through this morning. Is QC done in different locations? Was just curious, we had a holiday Monday that only affected USA, I presume.
  2. I had an accident a few years ago with my Nikon D700 photographing waterfalls and slipped on a huge rock and bounced into the creek. Deep pool of water and I went completely submerged and all my equipment and tripod. I sent my D700 into Nikon repair in USA and they replaced everything in it. New shutter with 5 or 6 clicks, I presume from them testing it after replacing it. They did a good job. You never know where used or refurb have been, but mine is in excellent shape, good as new.....(my lenses survived it except the 35-70mm and Nikon did not have the parts any longer to repair it.)
  3. Guess, I'll go back to uploading again as well.....
  4. Being new here I thought it best to hear the long time members. I was trying to figure out some post about the 20%, when I was in school 40 from 50 is 10. So in, I guess it was in 2010 Alamy went from 60% to 50%, so I thought that was it, now with 40% would make 20%. Then someone brought up 60 from 40 is the 20%. Anyway been chasing rabbits..... I have not uploaded since receiving the email.
  5. Alex, I use the Nikon D700, it is full frame. I bought it back in it's hey day for $2900.00 I think. You can get them used at Adorama and B&H Photo for around $500.00 or so. I've bought used through them before and I consider them respectable. KEH will buy your D3 as will the others mentioned.
  6. "Your Alamy portfolio page"

    I had always been reluctant to do that for whatever reason, went ahead and changed it, looks like both will work for now. I'll check it weeks from now and see if they still do....
  7. "Your Alamy portfolio page"

    I had already set up the portfolio from Alamy previously and added to my website. It was just a matter of edit and change the link. Pretty cool....
  8. That happened to me when I first joined. I had a mobile photo mixed up in my batch uploads and banned. However, it was for 30 days and dropped to a one star. I was bitter as well, but folks here on the forum were very encouraging. You've been here a while, 10 days will be a breeze!
  9. My first sale, Country: Worldwide, Usage: Presentation or newsletters
  10. But, if you use the entire phrase "American looking seniors walking on the beach" it only nets 10 images. Grabbing "Amunet" only has 26 images. Searching on the phrase itself does appear to have few images and "ANC Halfords Cycling Team" has only one image. So I assume it is phrase specific? At any rate, looks to be a helpful tool to me.
  11. Alamy closed a misuse: what now?

    I have wondered why this was not a members only forum, would make a lot of sense to me.....
  12. Exclusivity

    I have not gotten the email as of yet. But, I deal with 4 other outfits and Alamy is the fifth one and my newest. I have optioned 17 photos here at Alamy as exclusive to them only and will probably do more in the future.
  13. It came to me in an email from Alamy as well. I haven't tried it.
  14. Good job on the composition Gvallee, I see why they wanted it!
  15. Mass reverse image search

    Yep Matt, I find a lot of help on the forum when I am researching something, in this case I was trying to find out about lightboxes and not having much luck searching Alamy, an earlier link from the forum even led me to the blog with the help for Lightbox and I wasn't having any luck searching it for some reason......