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  1. Great, that makes it all a bit easier to choose. They're all just great! ;-)
  2. Sure going to give Capture 1 a try... And indeed, for 35£, (after the trial) it's never going to be a very bad purchase... As for the lenses... We are used to using Canon's L lenses, and initially we bought the X-E1 thinking the quality would be ok, but not great, but wow... these lenses ROCK! and compared to L-glass, they're almost for free :-)
  3. We just bought the Fujifilm X-E1 last week, and using the raws in LR 4.4 was so disappointing we are now constantly shooting RAW+Jpeg, and only using the RAW's when it is really needed. But ehm... Pretty amazing camera I must say... (Our other camera's are Canon 5D- and 1D-ish things).
  4. Thank you for all the tips! I've been busy with stock photography around 2006-2007, and made quite good sales on Acclaim and Photographers Direct (one of them needed you to use "stock photo of" as a caption). I uploaded a bunch to Alamy around that time, without putting too much effort into it. Then came wedding photography, and being so busy I wasn't able to do anything for my stock photography anymore. Now, due to health issues, we're leaving wedding photography more or less behind, and can focus on stock again. So, let's start capturing, captioning, and keywording!
  5. I have a question on understanding the AlamyMeasures 2.1: My Images. I currently have 853 images online according to AlamyMeasures, from 12-May-2013 to 10-Jun-2013, I've had 0 sales, 948 views, and 1 zoom, giving a CTR of 0,11% Now, my questions: What can I deduct from these numbers? 1. That I have waaaay too little images online (working on that one) 2. That my images are badly keyworded? and don't appear in searches too often? 3. That my images are well keyworded, but that they don't appeal to buyers? 4. Whatever more info you can give me ;-) Thanks in advance!
  6. Shooting and processing 1 image every 5 minutes is one thing. Keywording them is what eats my time!
  7. We own the 17-40L, the 24-70L and the 70-200 2.8L IS, and they are just the greatest combo! I can't but recommend them. We do have some primes and macro's to help in on low light and specialized stuff...
  8. Not a single sale... Working on expanding my nr of images
  9. Great picture indeed! Congrats on the sale! Can't help you with the magazine though... I'm from Belgium.
  10. No sales at all for me in May...Did have two nice ones in the beginning of this year, and will try to get that back. So, working quite hard now in adding pictures.
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