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  1. Many thanks, I have been playing around with the settings and keep going back to Velvia, I like it. I will check out the catalogue settings in Lightroom. I must also say, I am very impressed with the sharpness, almost like its been sharpened I always used the Fuji Velvia rolls when I was still shooting film (except for portraiture), and these X-Sensor bodies are the first that give me the same wow as when I was using the original film. Love it! The sharpness of the Fuji X is indeed incredible too, I was really baffled when I first saw it (and still am regularly).
  2. We capture in both raw and jpeg (we used to do alot of weddings, and it's a leftover from there...), however, we almost always use the jpegs. Most of the time we use the Velvia setting btw. About Lightroom, there is a setting to import to the jpegs too, but it takes a while to find it, we've been struggling with it too. I think it was in the catalogue settings, but I'm not sure, and I don't have a LR here to check...
  3. I've uploaded some jpeg images straight from our X-E1, and all are approved. I'm having more troubles getting my Canon 5D (mk I and II) approved... These Fujifilm X-sensor machines are really great! And their lenses are too :-)
  4. Great shot!!!! And congrats on the sale ;-)
  5. I know the feeling... My last upload was from last year. Still waiting for my upload from 3/3 to pass (or fail....).
  6. "Is stock shooting + an income still attainable? Yes, it is but what folks don't appreciate is that you have to keep going all the time." Just a small note here... I live in Belgium, just like you Philippe. Do note that (which you without ANY doubt know all too well) we are in one of the most expensive countries in the world, and are amongst the most heavily taxed people in the world (as you are fully independent, just like I am). If you compare what we need to earn from stock to make a living, to what someone in, say, the Philippines needs to earn to make a living, that's quite a differen
  7. Indeed, and nice overview, userfriendly,... Love the "sync" function too!
  8. I do it for cars in the red light district. wim After the car owners paid the first fee ;-)
  9. Ah, sounds familiar :-) Shooting 500 images, to sell 10 to the client, but not being able to delete the other 490, because you just know that now and then, they come back x months later for something else from that shoot :-)
  10. Depends on the type of shoot, the subject, what I'm shooting for... It can be 1 out of 100, and it can be much more to even up to 80 if it's something very much in my comfort zone.
  11. Congrats! Must feel good to see that kind of sale pop up in your stats!
  12. Same here, happy 5DMkII and 1D users, but wanted something smaller, something to carry around all day on a regular day, and not feel as if you were hit by a train the day after. We went for the Fujifilm X-E1 with 18-55 lens (for now, more is coming ;-) ), and we were baffled by the result! This little thing can EASILY cope with the 5DII on IQ!
  13. On the main search page you can choose to search under the tab "New" or "Creative" or "Relevant". Relevant is the old search taking into account our rank, etc. and New is recently uploaded. How they choose the Creative is a mystery except that they are selecting images that would be suitable for the (higher paying) commercial clients -- as opposed to editorial. Something like that, anyway. Some images are hand-picked and some end up in Creative because a client zoomed or bought them. Paulette Thank you! Part of the mystery is solved now for me ;-)
  14. Forgive me my ignorance, but, what is this "creative images" exactly? I've noticed it in some searches...
  15. Can't but agree! Pride in your work, and a constant eagerness to improve, that's what makes you stand out in the crowd (eventually). It's not the gear (I don't even want to start counting, but it's a 5 digit number), it's the eye and the mind. Bjorn (in a bit of an "up" day, after shooting a great wedding on saterday ;-) )
  16. Ah, yet another Belgian here :-) I have the same issue as you, about the same nr of views as the nr of images online. And a lot less sales unfortunately :-) I've also started building up portfolio on Alamy now, and training myself a bit in keywording, which is sometimes not as easy not being a native English speaker.
  17. My first sale, 20/01/2010: Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - national Industry sector: Media Industry Sub-Industry: Publishing Print run: up to 50,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1/4 page Start: 29 January 2010 End: 30 January 2010 $ 77.89
  18. Yes, that's an interesting point. Only 30 percent of my sales this year have associated zooms. The other 70 percent have not registered a zoomed view. Even worse, none of the zooms I can look up in the stats have been bought so far... But, I didn't have too much sales yet either...
  19. A ratio of 5 zooms on 1 sale, but the sales don't match the zooms...
  20. Indeed, having a 150€ treshold or whatever isn't a big deal if the average sale brings you 150€, but with 5€ a deal... that hurts... and if you then even have several months between two sales... Well, then you're giving big presents to Alamy... Or no, no big presents, but many many small ones!
  21. Do you happen to have compared the Fujinon 60mm Macro to the Canon 100mm L-IS Macro. AFAIK the fujinon only goes half size macro?
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