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  1. Hello and welcome, pretty much in the same boat...good luck and enjoy 👍
  2. How do you mean Rollover? What could it be? Just checked and it shows my 1st 3 images ok. So i’m at a loss but interested if i’ve done something wrong here. Not sure why theres only 3 images when as of yesterday there should be 7 now 🤪...
  3. I was going to keep quiet on this but 100% agree, for the chance of a little commission hell will freeze over before i contribute to one of the cruelest spectacles on earth.
  4. Appreciate everyone's effort in helping me here. This forum is bloody brilliant, long may it continue.
  5. You’ve hit the nail on the head with the word Validation, that’s my main reasoning...validating i’m legit to people in general rather than trying to make direct sales or get commissions which i’m not really interested in. Thx 😉
  6. Ha, theres already been a bit of swearing and its only been a week. It’s a fun learning curve, mistakes are good 😉
  7. Looked at your suggestion last night and talk about blindingly obvious, not sure how i missed the big blue ticks lol. I had originally imported keywords generated using a seperate tool and imported via Lightroom but thought this might have been my original problem. Live n learn eh. Another question i have is once you’ve set all the info is there a period of time before the image is On Sale, mine is saying 4 not for sale although theyshould all be? It’sinteresting interface a bit time consuming but i’m sure over time it all becomes intuitive. Appreciate your help Sally.
  8. Thank you Sally. Irrelevant tags etc is exactly what i’m getting. I’m sure it was a silly mistake on my part, i was assuming because only one photo at a time was highlighted (blue box ) then thats all i was editing. Will look again and do as you say. Much appreciated 👍
  9. Phil did you get this issue resolved? Having a similar issue myself.
  10. Probably almost certainly operator error but i can’t seem to fathom this out. After getting my 1st submission accepted i proceded to caption and tag. However each time i try to do the 2nd or 3rd photo it changes the 1st...so now all 3 images have the same title. I’m selecting each one as i go but still the titles/tags jump onto the previous image. Any ideas what i’m doing wrong? Using a mac if that matters.
  11. 100% agree with the cheap/free solution. Wanting to really focus on Stock, i do think having a seperate area might be useful if only to show strangers if needed when trying to get their portrait and personal projects, but it’s not something i want/need to take up much time. I shall definitely look at Myporfolio etc. Appreciate all the advice.
  12. Thank you all, i’ll check out all the suggestions tonight. Very appreciated 👍
  13. I guess it would primarily be for showcasing my photos, not necessarily to sell, it's only something i’ve recently considered noticing most photographers have them. Just something simple and elegant that i can use to direct people who show an interest, maybe business cards.
  14. I’m a total newbe to this “Stock” but not photograhy, its a steep learning curve especially as a photographer who enjoys blur/arty work also. However i’m enjoying the challenge. I haven’t asked many questions on here because most of the answers seem to have been covered. I appreciate the support and very welcome advise in these forums.
  15. Hello all. Pretty new here. I was interested in peoples opinions on the importance of having a personal website. Wether it's worth paying monthly etc for something professional or building your own and keeping costs to a minimum. As i’m very new to this im prefering the 2nd option, any suggestions welcome.
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