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  1. Complete Fuji fan boy here, the X-pro being my main work horse and X100 is my guilty pleasure. I haven't picked up the canon 5d in 5yrs...and won't anytime soon. I get the hoo haa over the X-trans sensor files and LR, Adobe should hold their head in shame. Although i stuck through it and the latest files on LR come out crystal clear and no wiggly worm effect. Although dam LR is slow on my iMac. Anyway, yes, the X-pro is great, if i could use just the X100V i would...I also purchased a Ricoh GRiii recently as an EDC which is beautifully built and light but yeh its no Fuji.
  2. Totally get that, i find myself spending hours a week observing what sells and the work here of other more experienced contributors, putting yourself in the editor/researchers chair is a good way of looking at things, it's interesting seeing some sales of images i'd never dream would be sold yet those who are more experienced maybe understand the nature/process of stock much better. Fascinating world this is.
  3. Thank you for that explanation, although i contribute and have always loved art and photography my background is very different so not entirely sure of the workings of publishing etc. So just trying to understand it further. I can see how it can become a very tangled web, not knowing what's been used and where and by whom, tracebility etc. It's a lovely feature that i enjoy skirting through almost daily and enjoy seeing others getting sales. The commission comment was tongue in cheek
  4. Could someone explain the significance of the " Images Found " threads, i mean i always look through out of interest rather than expectation. Is there commission for finding someones image being used or as i suspect a way of keeping an eye on our work not entirely trusting of Alamy to follow through?
  5. I don't like Mondays! Just another grey day in London. Thread sounds like two great photography project title ideas
  6. Hi Ashley, As hinted above its not all gold and glitter in the world of stock but i'm assuming you're aware of all that shenanigans. Anyway welcome to the friendly and honest community that is Alamy. Looking forward to seeing some of your photos. Jay
  7. Ah gotcha, would be very useful. Surprised Alamy hasn't it own or LR for that matter. Although even Instagram doesn't allow direct access anymore.
  8. Had a very similar episode a few years ago, optician said also with terrible bedside manner he thinks i might have a brain tumour or cancer ( always a pleasure to hear ), a week later after much concern my doctor said the exact same as you, scaring from birth. Some opticians really should keep their opinions to themselves and just advise seeing a doctor to be certain there's nothing serious going on. Glad your all good
  9. Looking at the portfolios via link you sent and i was most definitely over thinking this Thanks again Wim.
  10. Hi Wim - Ah so it's only a recent thing. I've looked at other more developed portfolios from experienced Alamy photographers including yours. And wondered why the top section is never visible wondering is it only for client browsing our portfolio. " Welcome to [Contributor Name] profile page on Alamy " ..... Is the area that confuses me ( not a hard thing ), not entirely sure if other have a written in this area describing themselves or work. My name is already written above and for me that's enough but in public view it still shows this line...So its possibly better to use it than leave that
  11. On the discussion with portfolios, i was looking at others out of interest yet can't see any header photos or details. How do i do this?
  12. Jay D

    Hi there

    Yassas, was in Meteora only yesterday, beautiful part of the world and welcome to the world of Alamy.
  13. I use and do everything i need within the standalone LR6 version. And even then it's more than i require, less is more plus i don’t know my ass from my elbow on PS. I paid about £100 and downloaded direct from Adobe. No problems.
  14. Not a stupid question at all, we’re on roughly the same amount of photos, i usually upload daily although only say 5 a day, it takes lots of time and effort and its hard seeing others selling theres when i’ve not had even a zoom yet but its a long-term game and im determined to keep on trucking, developing and learning until i see that sale drop in... i sometimes use a site that generates words related to your subject. Comes in handy during those blank periods, so use it quite often lol...but dont add words that aren’t directly related to your picture.
  15. The fixed 23mm f2 attached to the Fujifilm x100, after many years lacking photographic inspiration or excitement that little camera and lens combo got my juices flowing again. So im forever indebted to it plus love the 23mm ( 35mm equiv ) for street, landscape and generally.
  16. You lucky lucky bastard...214 views and not a sniff of a zoom...🤪
  17. Congrats, still waiting on mine...must be a great feeling regardless of price...it’s nice knowing it works. 👍
  18. ....and you did it on an ipad....omg. Well done for getting through that especially when it wasn’t your fault 👍
  19. True John, i did intitially but stopped for some random reason, lazy or maybe just a little drained of the whole Captioning n Tagging...it does takes time when your having to research latin butterfly names and remember what country you were in 😂...but your right the Options are easy enough 👍
  20. Keeping asses covered always very sensible 😂 That sounds an absolute mare, think i’d rather poke my eyes out than unscarmble 1000’s of tags...but with that in mind i think its best doing things properly from the start in case like you say Alamy have a plan. And your right, finally achieved my 1st Green...was proud as punch 🤪
  21. Likewise...compared to street art this just seems immoral, i mean i’ve owned some rare art books, what was stopping me just copying them?
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