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  1. Looks a lot like this Robber Fly: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diogmites_neoternatus https://bugguide.net/node/view/23918 I found it by snapping a shot of your picture with the Seek app. Jerry
  2. I've use the app, including snapping picture of my computer screen. It is usually pretty good, but I double check it against reliable ID sites.
  3. Betty, Is there any indication that UK income tax is deducted when Alamy handles your Claim? I have been doing my own, and Her Majesty's revenue Department takes 20%. The only way to get it refunded to me is to file a proof of US citizenship and tax status. The form would cost $85 each year. I also have to pay a $15 wire transfer fee to my bank. I'm thinking that I wouldn't lose that much by having Alamy handle it. Jerry
  4. Tinfoil hats can be profitable, too. http://www.metro.se/artikel/kyrkan-k%C3%B6pte-foliehatt-f%C3%B6r-n%C3%A4ra-40-000-kronor-xr Jerry
  5. Got this one for $625: Usage: Advertising and promotion Media: Television (advertising) Industry sector: Government (local, regional, national) Placement: Regional Start: 14 October 2016 End: 14 November 2016 The country was listed as one state of the USA. Same image has been licensed for $175 for textbook in 2014 and $250 for print and e-book this year, plus a couple of under $20 uses. Its one of those pictures that I really didn't expect to be in demand. Jerry
  6. I see no mention of phrases, nor the use of quotes or brackets in the keywording guidelines. I hope Alamy will clarify what is expected of us, and if there is a long term goal for the use of phrases. Jerome
  7. http://www.travelandleisure.com/articles/americas-best-small-town-museums Randy Duchaine / Alamy Jerome Wilson / Alamy
  8. No sales reported, but I did find one of mine in a grade school textbook published January 1, 2014. I sent the information to Member Services and received this in reply: “Some of our editorial customers report usages to us over a period of time. If you don’t see the sale appear in your account within 3 months then please send us proof of the usage…” Would a book publisher have a self-reporting deal? I can understand payment on publication, but I would think it should be reported by Alamy when downloaded. Jerome Wilson
  9. Textbook, "Poisoned Rivers and Lakes", Bearport Publishing P.18,23, C41GTX, Jeff Greenberg p.20, ADPCFN, Jerome Wilson
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