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  1. Yes, I know how to check for it. I did receive a payout through Alamy last year, so I know I should have something this year. Incidentally, I had filed my own claim before last year and I actually ended up with more through Alamy.
  2. Anyone else still waiting to hear from Alamy for their DACS payment, or is it time for me to check with Alamy?
  3. Looks a lot like this Robber Fly: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diogmites_neoternatus https://bugguide.net/node/view/23918 I found it by snapping a shot of your picture with the Seek app. Jerry
  4. I've use the app, including snapping picture of my computer screen. It is usually pretty good, but I double check it against reliable ID sites.
  5. Betty, Is there any indication that UK income tax is deducted when Alamy handles your Claim? I have been doing my own, and Her Majesty's revenue Department takes 20%. The only way to get it refunded to me is to file a proof of US citizenship and tax status. The form would cost $85 each year. I also have to pay a $15 wire transfer fee to my bank. I'm thinking that I wouldn't lose that much by having Alamy handle it. Jerry
  6. Tinfoil hats can be profitable, too. http://www.metro.se/artikel/kyrkan-k%C3%B6pte-foliehatt-f%C3%B6r-n%C3%A4ra-40-000-kronor-xr Jerry
  7. Got this one for $625: Usage: Advertising and promotion Media: Television (advertising) Industry sector: Government (local, regional, national) Placement: Regional Start: 14 October 2016 End: 14 November 2016 The country was listed as one state of the USA. Same image has been licensed for $175 for textbook in 2014 and $250 for print and e-book this year, plus a couple of under $20 uses. Its one of those pictures that I really didn't expect to be in demand. Jerry
  8. I see no mention of phrases, nor the use of quotes or brackets in the keywording guidelines. I hope Alamy will clarify what is expected of us, and if there is a long term goal for the use of phrases. Jerome
  9. http://www.travelandleisure.com/articles/americas-best-small-town-museums Randy Duchaine / Alamy Jerome Wilson / Alamy
  10. No sales reported, but I did find one of mine in a grade school textbook published January 1, 2014. I sent the information to Member Services and received this in reply: “Some of our editorial customers report usages to us over a period of time. If you don’t see the sale appear in your account within 3 months then please send us proof of the usage…” Would a book publisher have a self-reporting deal? I can understand payment on publication, but I would think it should be reported by Alamy when downloaded. Jerome Wilson
  11. Textbook, "Poisoned Rivers and Lakes", Bearport Publishing P.18,23, C41GTX, Jeff Greenberg p.20, ADPCFN, Jerome Wilson
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