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  1. It's strange isn't it. Like most people on here, I didn't know Keith, but this feels like a terrible loss. I'm really deeply shocked. Speaks volumes about who he was and how much he was loved and respected. RIP. Another story here: https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/keith-morris-aberystwyth-tributes-body-17039693
  2. Very much a work in progress, but here's mine: https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/davidlichtneker
  3. I just had an editorial website sale to Lithuania. Five years, for use at any size. My share comes to $1.59. It won't be long before they're giving them away.
  4. Sales = catastrophic Zooms = a seven-year record high Feeling = frustrated and confused
  5. I appear to have accidentally turned on my sales protector this month. But zooms have hit a monthly high. I suppose that's a surge. Of sorts.
  6. Well done for having the courage of your convictions. Best of luck.
  7. I'm planning a trip to South Wales later this year and am torn between basing myself closer to the Gower Peninsula or the Pembrokeshire Coast. Both offer rich photographic potential, but I'd be grateful for any advice or local knowledge regarding which one might have the edge.
  8. I uploaded images of the Taj Mahal. Done to death. Search for it and you'll get more than 12,500 results. But yes, I got a sale. So I wouldn't rule anything out to be honest. Just have to be original like everyone is saying.
  9. It can be very hit and miss. Lately, for me, it has been taking up to five days. So I wouldn't worry unduly.
  10. Uploading isn't usually the problem for me...it even seems to have got quicker of late. If only QC was just as fast!
  11. Next time someone asks to use one of your images for nothing, you might want to take a leaf out of this musician's book....
  12. Ah yes, the rollercoaster ride that is selling stock. October. My equal best month ever in terms of number of images sold and second best in terms of gross achieved. Which must surely mean it's all downhill from here!
  13. I think they are different. At least the book my image was used on has a different ISBN to the English version.
  14. This is a rare occasion when living in the Netherlands is actually an advantage (Manchester born and bred). I had an image used (from another library) on a Dutch book cover, so I'm fortunate to have the relevant details. Happy to help if someone wants me to dig around.
  15. Mine was a Dartmoor landscape. Pretty far away from home either way you look at it...originally from Manchester, now living in flat-as-a-pancake Holland.
  16. Oct 2013 Issue, UK, Country Walking, p54, Devil's Staircase on West Highland Way, CX1NAJ, David Lichtneker [Cropped] Great job as always SShep.
  17. Relative to last year I'm actually doing much better in terms of sales and zooms, it's just the fees I'm getting that make it feel like I'm not selling anything.
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