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  1. yes when i submitted in 2016 I got an email from QC to take it to the next step or told me I had failed QC This time not sure why but it has been a total disaster from start to finish Maybe its me doing something wrong really not sure as I have not received any official communication from Alamy
  2. yea i did remember them Not sure why I am having so many issues this time
  3. i see. Well I have not received any communications about this. perhaps I am struggling with with the whole usage of Alamy and getting things a bit mixed up Maybe this is not a site for me Thank you for your update
  4. yes i shall do that now. Not sure what is going on with my account. Managed to get 3 photos to the QC level then not heard anything from Alamy to see if they passed or not So far this has been a complete wast of time and effort uploading images on this site
  5. good point- not uploaded for about 2 years . But after recent events even trying to get to QC level i really need to know what the issues are
  6. yes I agree- It will fail QC I know but I was getting desperate to see if I could get passed the Processing stage!
  7. So today I uploaded three images- all below 4KB in size- they all uploaded ok and then went into the 'processed ' cycle. Now 4 hours later they are still in the same state! Just dont understand why its doing this EDIT Update on this..now on the left hand side it says they are with Quality Control-WOW Success at last I think!
  8. O wait- that might be an issue!? I edit in Light Room- how do i Check if its in 'Baseline' ? All my edits are JPEG before I upload Alamy
  9. Everyone - thank you so much for your suggestions and help I have tried everything but there seems still to be some issues- I think the 'delay after ban Holiday weekend' may be an issue I am going to try again today- its been a week since the Bank Holiday so hopefully the back log has cleared!
  10. OK Thank you all. I was wondering what was happening? As yet I still have not been able to go past the Processing stage. Some of my photos have been stuck at this stage for 24 hours and still noting!
  11. Getting a lot of 'Processing error' messages after the long wait after the Upload Now sure why- have tried different size files and everything
  12. yes sorry all I used the wrong terminology After I UPLOAD the next stage goes to the 'Processing' section. This seems to take an age to complete- as Roger Johansen stated I was wondering if this is normal or something I am missing? I will take on board AVPICs suggestion of a longer fuller Caption headline as well.
  13. Newish to Alamy so needed some advice Although I joined a few years ago only posted a few photos then not used this site for a few years. I am having issues with Processing the images I download and then fill in all the relevant information on the right...after that it seems to take an age while i just see the 'processing' screen and nothing happens What am i doing wrong?
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