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  1. Hi Brian, I see your point and find it really frustrating that some 'irrelevant' images are listed way up in the queue from those I've uploaded.  Seems a bit of a mystery to me and don't know what the answer is? I guess just sticking at it and going for the 'more images means more sales' approach will have to do. Lot of work for small returns though?

  2. Hi Mark, Seems to be little difference in CTR and zooms although it has become a little more stable without the peaks and troughs. I think I would still expect to see a more steady sales figure though? Will sit tight and continue on the current trajectory I think,


  3. Hi, I've been a contributor now for around 12 years but only started really 'going for it' about a year ago. I've gone from 2,000 images last year to 7,200 images now and have not really seen an increase in either the volume or frequency of sales. Can anybody put any science around this or am I just expecting too much from an already saturated marketplace? Am I shooting the right range of stuff? Does anybody have a similar story to this?


    Steve ( Steve Hawkins Photography)

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