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  1. Spring Tukoni (E-M1 II, 60mm, Switzerland)
  2. My pictures have been multiplied and printed big for central stations in Paris, Hamburg, Zürich and few others. I got 20 cents for those and earned ~ 4$. One of the reasons I will never sale RF again.
  3. That was my mistake during the test-phase at Alamy. I have ~4000 pictures to upload and I thought 50 tags per image will drive me crazy.
  4. Glacier cave, Switzerland. (E-M1 II, 7-14 PRO)
  5. Sunset over the sea of fog around the Rigi mountain, Switzerland. (E-M1 II, 8mm PRO)
  6. Does anybody know why the banner quality is so unacceptably low? Its extremely copressed and it’s the first thing peope see in portfolio.
  7. Wall-E. Handmade light painting with self-made flashlights in my sleeping room. (E-3, 8mm)
  8. That's maybe the point yes. Although I can see a lot of SLR pictures here, which are simply terrible. Including much more dramatical problems than a noise. I ask myself how did they pass QC
  9. I upload all my pictures exlusively to Alamy. Once again, its the best and the only Stock website I like to work with. 50/50 is a good deal for me.
  10. Good morning, dear forum members. Since my iPhone X supports RAW, I only use the Lightroom CC App to shoot and edit my pictures. The results after saving edited RAWS as JPEGs are incomparably better. 100% crop shows details I could never achieve by shooting JPEGs directly. Does anyone of you upload iPhone pictures to Alamy and if yes, is this a problem for QC? Full size: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tu98e6qn1ifyc0f/2.jpg Full size: https://www.dropbox.com/s/by12eotw0y95ebt/3.jpg Full size : https://www.dropbox.com/s/2cmrvfo9ah7sh0d/1.jpg Thank you and Kind Regards Orest
  11. My images has been stolen and used hundreds of thousands times in many countries. Nobody cares. The cow has been Image of the Day on Deviantart etc. Just like tons of other pictures. People downloaded it, used it, nobody asked me. I NEVER got paid for anything. By the way, I saw postcards and posters of my pictures in few countries while traveling. LOL? No. It was sad. But what can I do? Nothing.
  12. Things are not that easy. I tried that every year since 15 years. You can travel, get equipment you need, meet talented photographers and learn a lot. But getting paid is a completely different world. What people don't know is the truth behind those beautiful nature/wildlife/landscape etc. pictures. Great and famous photographers are living in small flats and cannot afford a car. You can see their pictures on the cover of Magazines In Germany, in Switzerland and you may think wow, lucky ones. But things are different in real life. I am glad that I left my country behind (Ukraine) and moved to Poland, Germany and then Switzerland. I studied Pharmacy and got a great job now. Thats how I pay bills and everything else. But thats a different topic and I don't want to start that discussion. To come back to your question - I've got around 15.000 high quality pictures which I would like to upload in order to earn some money with them. I got invitations from Getty 11 years ago. I didn't like how they forced me to RF and the payment is a joke. I don't want to see Starbucks or Nivea or Apple using my pics while paying me 20 cents, that's why Alamy and RM. I loved this Stock website since my very first visit. And I really want to cooperate with Alamy and fight against Microstock.
  13. It's really helpful to read your advices about keywords. I thought I need to somehow complete all 50 keywords to make my pictures discoverable. What I didn't know is that I can put few words together to describe the pictures more precisely. Optimising discoverability takes 90% of upload times. If I ignore that and add all the directly relevant keywords (who, doing what, why, where, when), I'll win a lot of time.
  14. Thank you for your answers. Please notice, I uploaded those images in few portions to see what QC accepts and to learn how to upload, tag etc here. Those are only few examples of my collection which is over 10 years old. And yes I‘ve got many marmots. That was just another test I‘ll upload another 6000 images. That will take time.
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