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  1. Walking Ibex at Niederhorn mountain, Switzerland. E-M1 II, 40-150 PRO
  2. Sunrise over the Lake Lucerne, Switzerland.
  3. Meteor shower over Lucerne, Switzerland.
  4. Spring Tukoni (E-M1 II, 60mm, Switzerland)
  5. My pictures have been multiplied and printed big for central stations in Paris, Hamburg, Zürich and few others. I got 20 cents for those and earned ~ 4$. One of the reasons I will never sale RF again.
  6. That was my mistake during the test-phase at Alamy. I have ~4000 pictures to upload and I thought 50 tags per image will drive me crazy.
  7. Glacier cave, Switzerland. (E-M1 II, 7-14 PRO)
  8. Sunset over the sea of fog around the Rigi mountain, Switzerland. (E-M1 II, 8mm PRO)
  9. Does anybody know why the banner quality is so unacceptably low? Its extremely copressed and it’s the first thing peope see in portfolio.
  10. Wall-E. Handmade light painting with self-made flashlights in my sleeping room. (E-3, 8mm)
  11. That's maybe the point yes. Although I can see a lot of SLR pictures here, which are simply terrible. Including much more dramatical problems than a noise. I ask myself how did they pass QC
  12. I upload all my pictures exlusively to Alamy. Once again, its the best and the only Stock website I like to work with. 50/50 is a good deal for me.
  13. Good morning, dear forum members. Since my iPhone X supports RAW, I only use the Lightroom CC App to shoot and edit my pictures. The results after saving edited RAWS as JPEGs are incomparably better. 100% crop shows details I could never achieve by shooting JPEGs directly. Does anyone of you upload iPhone pictures to Alamy and if yes, is this a problem for QC? Full size: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tu98e6qn1ifyc0f/2.jpg Full size: https://www.dropbox.com/s/by12eotw0y95ebt/3.jpg Full size : https://www.dropbox.com/s/2cmrvfo9ah7sh0d/1.jpg Thank you and Kind Regards Orest
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