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  1. Not sure about noise, but I wouldn't call it professionally sharp. It has the sort of blurring of detail that I'd associate with a mobile phone shot, so it wouldn't be suitable for use in higher resolution forms. The sharpest point of focus also seems to be in the wrong place. I would assume Alamy would expect a better sharpness for an outdoor image, but may have selected the wrong rejection reason.
  2. Hi Keith, just out of interest, can you elaborate how? From my research on both, it seems like: Shuttersnitch: Send from camera to device, automatically apply metadata, upload Press IPTC: Send from camera to device, automatically apply metadata, upload The only difference I can see is that Shuttersnitch seems to more directly support, for example, EOS Utility whereas Press IPTC can only monitor a folder, but does this not achieve the same outcome? I'm interested as if it truly came to it one day, it might be a reason to jump to iPhone.
  3. I may be wrong on this, being a newcomer to Alamy and all, but: Are live news sales on events like this really all that common via Alamy? News does sell, as some are undoubtedly testament to, but when I see uses it's usually to do with either the weather, photo of the day type stuff, or other almost "editorial stock" type photos from that day. My hunch, and it's just a hunch, is that news sells from Alamy only when other agencies don't have it. If the 4 big agencies for news in the UK are covering an event, I'm not sure any photo editors and journalists will ever take i
  4. MoPhotos appears to require an Eye-Fi card (or that's what the app page says), so it wouldn't be an option if it won't work with wireless transmitters or other transfer methods...
  5. Hello people! I'm looking to improve my live news workflow and just looking to see if there's software or methods to improve on what I have in mind. My goal is to be able to submit fast (minutes, even seconds when really needed) from events, and to that end I'm looking for a camera > FTP workflow. I have wireless transfer capability with my camera setup, so that's fine, but it seems like the best way to do it is to go via a smartphone or other device. (I could go via a laptop, but that's slower and unviable at a lot of events.) A lot of people seem to use Shuttersnit
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