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  1. For the girls, just hold down shift when you right-click on the image. It'll override Alamy's script on most platforms and give you the normal menu. Works for me on Windows.
  2. Publishers are also getting more savvy to other ways to get images, so paying for a stock photo isn't always necessary. Some examples: 1. One wiki-based site imports all of the free images from Flickr and so on, and probably receives just as many uploads as Alamy too, creating an untidy but nonetheless free-to-use stock library that nobody has to pay for - and they have offices around the world working to encourage more people to contribute for free, so it's only going to grow. A lot of the biggest publishers don't that source much yet, but I expect it's only a matter of time.
  3. Those picture needs tweets are just scheduled posts (note how they go out when nobody is in the office, for example) from a generic list. A lot of photographers respond by emailing Alamy, thinking they're helping out with some sort of commission, but really it's just social content to engage contributors, most likely based on past searches or even just gaps Alamy have noticed. If anyone really needed that image imminently they'd have found it elsewhere or compromised and used something else.
  4. I think this is already the case. How often do you see a news image sourced from Alamy that isn't: 1) The weather, or related to the weather; 2) A "Photo of the Day" type news image; 3) Basically stock. I guess that, as this is what Alamy sells, it makes sense for Alamy to allow everyone to submit, but if they wanted to be taken seriously as a hard news agency they'd have to make changes.
  5. There's definitely an opening in the market for a good software for this for Android, but I find Press IPTC is good - although I've resorted to using a laptop and Photo Mechanic now. A mobile version of Photo Mechanic or an Android version of Shuttersnitch would be best.
  6. The problem is that all of the learning curve routes for new news photographers are disappearing. No longer can you become a junior photographer with a local paper and learn the ropes, because they're laying off just about everybody. That might not seem like a problem to some but in 20 years it's going to be interesting where new hard news photographers come from, with the declining revenues (so harder to get equipment) and the average age of the news photographers I see now (suggesting most will have retired by then) making it seem like there could well be a talent shortage. Agencies would do
  7. You can caption and upload via your phone using: iOS: Shuttersnitch Android: Press IPTC or MoPhoto Photo Mechanic is popular on a laptop but if you're going via a laptop you could use Lightroom, although that's slower. It depends on the urgency of your news. If it's something that needs to be out in minutes, or even within a minute, camera to FTP via mobile is a good option. If it's a general photograph of an ongoing issue, you maybe have time to edit a bit and use your usual workflow.
  8. A few thoughts of my own on shooting news as a loosely experienced, but still relatively green news photographer: It's definitely not easy to find news events worth covering. Some fields (sport, music) are, because they're well advertised (fixture lists, concert listings) and completely public, and obviously some absolutely massive events (Royal wedding) are impossible to miss. Beyond that, though? It's tough to come across stuff. Facebook event listings can help sometimes, but more often than not it's just a stream of club nights. Not much ever pops up via newspaper Wh
  9. Personally I'd brighten the one on the left to the level of the right, and then reduce the whites and/or highlights so that the glare/excess exposure is gone on the front of the boat and buildings. As they are, I prefer the one on the left. Bear in mind that not all viewers of this thread have their brightness set the same.
  10. Following on from a post in another thread: I'm still learning the CTR system, which is giving me a lot of questions. For example, whether it's worth removing perfectly decent keywords due to false positives, or whether it's worth uploading images at all if I don't think they'll often be used when they show up, or whether I should upload more than one or two photos of a subject or cull images after they're no longer live news because of the huge negative impact that a single misplaced search could give me if that means 10 views without a zoom. It seems complicated.
  11. The difference here seems to be that CTR is a factor. In lots of agencies, especially dedicated news agencies, the most recent matching images are returned first, so you can keyword quite liberally because it won't harm you if it's irrelevant (although I doubt it does the reputation of the agency much good, if they're frustrating to search the database of, and often the photo desk will cull your keywords entirely if you've obviously overdone it, and some don't have keywords at all). Here, though, CTR and irrelevant results actively harm you, making your images less prominent if peo
  12. Nothing, but then I'm new and have no collection or archive here to speak of, so I didn't really expect anything.
  13. Taken on 17 May, so it'll have been for the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.
  14. I guess it's probably to make it harder to steal the watermarked images, although some of the people that do that (like meme makers) are savvy enough to know you can just get it from inspecting the page, you can never completely hide the url. The other possibility is that it's to make it easier to do it on mobile devices, as I'd assume more and more clients are buying images from mobile. It does have the side effect of making things more inconvenient for photographers, too. It'd be nice to be able to view the bigger zoom/bigger version in AIM to offset this.
  15. This seems to be a change they've just made today, presumably to deter hotlinking/unauthorised use, although it has the side effect of making it very difficult to post images here. It can still be done by referencing the page code.
  16. I know nothing about animals, so I have three fairly generic images I can't caption as I don't know what the exact names are. Can anyone help?
  17. I know nothing about animals, so I have three fairly generic images I can't caption as I don't know what the exact names are. Can anyone help?
  18. That's really bad, if it's affecting news pictures. Stock images can wait, but I would expect live news issues to be dealt with straight away... It doesn't fill me with confidence, as a newcomer!
  19. Unfortunately, I'm fairly certain the second one would fail QC, I'm not confident about the first one either. They do appear to not be sharp due to the movement, and as the movement isn't essential to the image (the animal essentially looks still) I think that would be cause for failure. This is based on the 2048px version that's the largest I can access.
  20. It depends on what you're shooting: /Stock/ /Live_News/News/ /Live_News/Entertainment/ /Live_News/Sport/
  21. Had an update from Alamy, and apparently there's a bit of a backlog on one of the servers, so there's a processing delay and it should all catch up eventually.
  22. You can also add an already captioned image to your phone and then import the metadata from it to a new template. That way you can see how the fields you normally fill in appear in the app. Also, some fields on different dropdowns are linked, so if you change it on one it changes on the other. It'd be nice to be able to customise them, but I think Press IPTC is abandonware now. Ideally I'd like to see Camera Bits create a mobile version of Photo Mechanic.
  23. I've hardly uploaded anything yet as I've only just started to add test uploads to Alamy, but I like these two:
  24. For the past two days I've found it's been taking 12-15 hours for my uploads to the stock category to appear in Alamy Image Manager (as pending QC, obviously). Alamy actually said they can't see the uploads at all on their servers until they finally appeared, which is odd. Is this happening to anyone else?
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