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  1. all of the agencies sending their images thro distribution makes money for the agencies but does not make money for the photographers as two agencies take a slice of commission. I have opted out of distribution on alamy for this reason.
  2. I think that images with a signed full model release should have a higher value ( plus50%??) on the automatic page price calculator. This should not be electronically difficult to integrate. Your thoughts??
  3. I dont think agencies have the right to sign up"on your behalf". I have signed up to give support and see how things go. I dont think its going to improve my sales though !
  4. Alamy why not scrap reuse fees completely. ? Take a small risk and lead the way. It's your money as well as ours.
  5. quote your fees on a minimum number of shots, they may reduce the requirements once they have agreed to your price per shot.
  6. Should re -use fees still be acceptable in these days of low prices.? Re use is often discounted to 50%. I wish I could go into a restaurant and ask for a reuse fee for my lunch as I want the same as yesterday.
  7. Adobe says some 2.9m customer accounts have been compromised and part of the source code that underlies its products stolen. The theft of source code could make it possible for hackers to break into the systems of individuals and companies that use Adobe’s software, raising the spectre of new attacks, according to experts copyright FT.com I personally never used Cloud systems.
  8. I would think that when this agency started it was made up mostly of full time professional photographers . They knew what to take and they knew what would sell... so most of them are still around making money. Many of the other wingers on this site are amateurs who do not make their main income from photography yet they expect to make regular sales.
  9. Shows how long the distributors take to pay up. I opted out as well.
  10. After spending a lot of time and effort I have recently had to remove my video content , 186 clips from London /paris/venice/ spain/ caribbean from Alamy as they have now made all video essentially RF. "All rights, all media, worldwide multiple reuse permitted for a single corporation* in perpetuity." is what you buy when you download a clip. In Perpetuity is an RF licence. RM video does not exist any more. I am not selling Video as RF as it needs a massive amount of work to make really good clips. Anybody else had this problem after loading RM video to Alamy?
  11. I used to be happy but I am not any longer. I want my agent (alamy) to stop giving my work away for peanuts. I want to be able to set a minimum selling price for editorial print sales of $50. I would like to do this with other agencies as well, and until photographers are given this option then we will all gradually go out of business. There may be plenty of images that are available for less than 50$ but I should have the right to set a minimum selling price for my own work. If you sell things on Pond5 you can set your own prices.. some people sell complex videos for almost nothing but I pri
  12. In these days of very low fees why do Alamy still keep offering 5 and 10 year usage? Any low fee should be sold with the shortest life that the image is required for. I appreciate text books need long licences which should be reflected in the price
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