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  1. Seeing as we are looking at the EIFFEL TOWER How is it that one photographer has 33 images out of a total of 27000 on page one in the creative section? That is one third of all the images displayed and almost half of his 77 images. Explain.??
  2. When images are uploaded as live news they display under `"new" selection . Sometimes there are many similar shots just of celebrities. Do they continue to show under the "new " tag or do they drop off this display setting after a certain number of days ?
  3. Get an 80 mm enlarger lens like a schneider and make a mount so you can fix it onto bellows onto the illumitran. I have hundreds of 6x6 slides scanned this way. The enlarger lens has a flat field of focus.
  4. As several photographers keep "How were your sales last month? " going , why doesnt Alamy give us a sales report of overall sales for the month with maybe a few exceptional sales highlighted ? Peter
  5. Can we have an explanation about Corbis and its images ? Are Alamy photos now on Corbis?? Has Alamy bought Corbis ? Surely not....
  6. Alamy seem to be getting better prices of late.,which is encouraging.
  7. I looked at dijitalimaj.com and found many shots from AGE that belong to me ... none from Alamy
  8. Have discovered how to do this in LIve view with mirror locked up. It was not difficult sorry thanks for comments
  9. because the card will record small jpgs continuously I think. All this was just an experiment which I have not actually started yet .....
  10. I have not discovered how to lock up the mirror and then shoot 200 -300 continuous pictures in small JPG with the motor drive. from which I want to make a time lapse video.
  11. Is it possible on a canon 5d Mark 2 to lock up the mirror and do continuous shooting? I wanted to see if it was possible to capture a video sequence in the small jpg setting., but I dont want the mirror banging up and down.
  12. EJ27CH is a shot taken from a cruise liner in the arctic region on a specific trip to get this image of complete full corona of the sun (so it says ). It was way down on page 7 taken by Kieth Smith when I looked down all the news images. It was the only full corona shot I found taken on 20thMarch
  13. ... cloudy in London but the BBC video was fantastic .. I wonder how they kept the camera so steady shooting from an aircraft ?
  14. 5 sales this month for $6.02 each. This is just stupid Alamy really should put a bottom line of about 15$ on everything.
  15. Martin yes I mean 800kbs.. there are some non fibre companies that offer a faster upload speed I think ... does anybody know them ? Peter
  16. I need a simple internet service that has high upload speeds. Currently I use talk talk which manages about 800Mbs upload speed . It is cheap and reliable but do others have higher speeds ...without going to fibre ?
  17. I used to have about 200 RR RM videos on Alamy until they changed their licencing model to what is essentially RF only ... that is when I removed them all. Can any body who does sell video tell me if the 3 price bands on the video sales pages are adhered to? Or do Alamy discount video sales just as they do stills?
  18. Photographers with a large sales to images ratio could automatically be included in the Creative section... as clients have already selected their images as superior.
  19. I looked , great shot , all your photos are really top class. I hope you sell well on FAA
  20. Im not sure but do some distributors ony represent the creative section? Surely most distributors software storage would not handle 50 million images.
  21. staying with my 5d outfit and lenses although they are heavy. However out here in Nevis in the Caribbean sunshine there is plenty of time to swim and laze around and of course paint my house. ( continual job).. it is called www.villaverandah.com
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