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  1. are Alamy working towards the time when we may be able to choose Stemming for keywords > ie: cafe also finds cafes ? It would be great if as a contributor you could make the choice. Also can we batch submit extra keywords yet ?
  2. This is all a bad and stupid mistake by Network Rail. Think of all the magazines and leaflets that promote rail travel and need to have a good photo. Photographers and agencies provide free publicity assistance for them as well as earning our living. The company should amend their demands by saying that editorial sales of photos are not restricted but any use which involves advertising a product needs special permission. That sounds correct sensible and reasonable.
  3. nothing should be exclusive anymore at the prices we are selling for.
  4. Almost all of my Video and stills are RM. They are being sold in some instances for peanuts. Let people who want to pay peanuts go to a microstock agency. Why cant we make stand and say this is what it costs. I cannot afford to even travel to Europe on a speculative shoot anymore. I would love to set a minimum price for my images as you can on POND5 for example.
  5. Many agencies cannot be making enough to even pay their staff on the prices that images are being sold for. There needs to be two sections RF embodying microstock, and original RM images for people who have a little more cash to spend on something better. The two are being mixed up now to the detriment of people who shoot RM. Getty main page now defaults to RF only, I cannot understand the crazy logic of this. One place agencies can raise a little more revenue is by offering and advertising RM as something slightly superior. If it is or not doesnt matter, but there are people who will pa
  6. Alamy you must stop selling our images for 5.75US$ . You cannot be making a profit at this fee and all the photographers are getting annoyed. I know it is only for web use but everything has a price and an image is worth more than a cappucino
  7. put it on www.gumtree.com which is FREE and get the item collected cash.
  8. I would be very much in favour of setting a minmum price for my images.
  9. I have always thought that agencies should not be involved in the DACS scheme. It is for artists and photographers to make their own personal claims.
  10. It is not worth pursuing an image on a blog. If it was an Ad or an editorial usage yes ... on a blog ..dont waste your time .
  11. Some search information is taken from the caption field (I think???) The way the image is captioned could affect a search. Can somebody tell me if the caption info is included in searching?
  12. I have noticed 25,000 images from Corbis premium RF catalogue are now on alamy. Is this new ? I find at least 8000+ are of basketball games which I guess is a very american requirement.
  13. there are some really little tripods about 9inches high on ebay. I bought one for less than £10. Its excellent
  14. It all sounds OK BUT if anything goes wrong you are on very dodgy legal grounds. It only takes one parent to make a complaint and the school is in the dock along with you. Better to reshoot the whole thing ( not as an employee of the school) so you own the copyright and get the model releases for a small fee like a book token ... ????
  15. couple of good sales then a bunch at microstock prices... worst month ever
  16. i usually get sales reports posted fairly regularly but recently very few sales have been reported. It was like this last month until almost the end of september when lots of sales came in. Have accounts dept changed the way they report sales ?
  17. Possibly with the new large images it is not really necessary any more to actually ZOOM.......... so result is lower Zooms for everybody
  18. Looking through lots of image searches I think that the new watermark is bit strong. Maybe it will stop people stealing images ??? Its strength does spoil some of the previews ....There are no watermarks at all on Getty.
  19. how do you know the image rights? You might get beetled as well ! ...is it spelled with two eees or ea ?
  20. Some of Alamy's pricing is still reasonable but long life rights with RM can only mean less sales. Thank god Alamy have not really started a subscription model like Gettys Premium Access... you should see some of the prices .......but bring a magnifying glass.
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