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  1. I have just had a refund image -160$ that was purchased by an agency in May 2016, six months later a refund is issued. Should there not be a time limit on refunds that is max of about 6 weeks? That is long enough for a client to make a creative decision and a refund request. You cannot buy a coat or any electrical product and take it back in 6 months for a full refund why should you be able to do so with something creative that you have probably tried out and then changed your mind
  2. You are all maybe missing the point. It is all about HOW MANY images did you submit in the different years. If you submitted lots of shots in the year C then you probably have more "C" sales.
  3. To make my Claim on DACS for TV use I need to know the Channel that the images were sold to. This information could/should be on the sales report please. Not asking for complete details , just the channel . Peter
  4. Thanks That solves the problem. I expanded the column in the Excel and searched for Televison using the "find."
  5. How can I find out my TV sales for year 2015 for DACS Claim. It is not possible to look back in the sales reports as you have now changed the dates to ALL ( In my =case 14 years ) or 1 year .. Not enough. Peter
  6. I have photoshop 6 on a mac running 10.6.8. I now have a panasonic Lumix RX100. It says it needs DNG converter 8.7 to open the lumix files. Adobe says DNG 8.7 needs operating system 10.7. I dont want to upgrade my operating system. Any suggestions ???
  7. you wont "learn" much about photography with a fully automatic camera. You would learn with a canon 350 or 450 and you have a proper SLR that you can buy extra lenses for. I use a canon 5D and lenses and have been shooting stock for more than 30 years. My wife has a Canon 350.... I could probably earn my living with just a Canon 350 .( but it does not shoot video) Peter
  8. Buy a second hand Canon 350 or 450. Excellent camera with reasonable lens. It can be manual or fully automatic. It amazes me how accurate the auto is. Peter
  9. This morning I received some US$ into my paypal account, which I then converted into sterling and withdrew to my bank account in Uk. As you know the pound plummeted this morning June 24th (BREXIT) and so I thought that at least I would be getting more pounds for my $. HOWEVER it was not so and I received a much different exchange rate from the actual LIbor rate at the time I made the transaction. I questioned this with Pay Pal and was told that their exchange rate quoted is NOT REALTIME and is only updated by their bank twice a day. I have never found this information anywhere on their websit
  10. Does anybody know of a place I can get a hasselblad tranny scanned up to about 60MB near to Richmond/Putney in London please?
  11. APN4EJ St.Kitts Caribbean. Sunday Telegraph 8th may 2016 Interior and front cover wrongly credited in newspaper to Kuester Photo. Should be Peter Phipp /Travelshots (Alamy please investigate)
  12. buy an imac. A secondhand one with a 21 screen can be bought for about £300. Perfectly OK for Photoshop etc. I have and use two and I also have a powermac G5 dual 2.8 from about 2009 which is very fast and used for my video. I use a basic 23inch apple monitor with it and it has 4 1000 megbt drives installed in it. Times have gone when it is worth investing 1000s. All the apple monitors are very stable, but beware buying a 24 or 27 cinema display unless you are sure they have had little use, as the LCD screen drives tend to fail rendering them useless.
  13. OK so we have Personal Use. Why not do a deal with a picture framing printing company and incorporate it into Alamy and then advertise it. Most people want a picture to hang on the wall if it is for Personall use. You get a fee for the image and a cut of the printing. Do'n't Getty do this?
  14. Its not really a commercial usage they are inviting people to meet up to play tennis for free. I would send a bill for £15 pointing out that is not free usage even if its free tennis.
  15. Why dont we have a newbies forum page, then all these type of enquiries can be on one site.
  16. I used to be able to give them a polariod White man's magic ! Peter
  17. If you can go and retake similar images this summer then sell ! Make a good price depending on how many they buy ... use a sliding scale.
  18. Supposing Alamy had a policy of no MIcrostock duplication ... do you think that would remove a lot of content ?
  19. (I have also been selling stock for 40 years! ) Supposing Alamy had a policy of no MIcrostock duplication ... do you think that would remove a lot of content ?
  20. Hehe! they are here by the tons and earning a heck of a lot more lolly then you! So I presume your images are also on Microstock ? If so will you tell us what did you earn NET in the last 12months from micro ?
  21. Photographers who are or who have uploads to Microstock should not be welcomed to Alamy
  22. As you seldom get a credit other than "alamy" you do not often get your name/psuedo published so it is not so important...
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