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  1. I recently sold a shot for "Large company more than 10 employees* for $144. A week later the sale was refunded and then resold to " a small company with less than 10 employees " for only $39. I wonder who the company is and that it is not a design group working on behalf of a client ?. The difference in pricing is very great. Surely a small company fee should not be less than 1/2 of a large company fee.? Some adjustment would seem to be in order.
  2. The Panasonic DMC LX100 takes fabulous RAW mages and excellent 4k Video. Its demanding to use and a bit fiddly but has an excellent Leica lens.
  3. I notice some of my IQ sales have a clause Usage: iQ sale: Travel client. Marketing Package Use. Any size, Any placement, Excludes advertising. Repeat use within the terms of the license. Industry sector: Travel & tourism, This licence is for 10years That means they can reuse it as often as they wish with no extra payment? This is an RM image. A travel magazine / brochure only needs rights for 2 years max, This appears to just be giving away future revenue,
  4. Some large agencies with100,000 images plus are on Alamy and don't write anything and possibly 25 million images never sell and their owners are not really interested enough. Would be interesting to know the statistics.
  5. I see some of your images at 100 meg. 50MB is more than big enough.
  6. I wonder when Alamy decides it has enough or too many images. Sales volume is falling per photographer and those of us who do this as a means of contributing to a living are seeing falling sales volume as 116 million images are online. I have already decided not to go out on some shoots as the returns are so low now.
  7. I have wordpress installed on my server but have never actually used it. I will see what I can find.
  8. Wim Thank you so much that is exactly what I am trying to do. Take the IPTC Title and make it an ALT tag. I dont use word press but will download it and try out.
  9. Yes I am trying to see if an ALT tag can be embeded in the image. Photoshop I dont think will do it. I am told CS In Design might.... Thanks for all your help.
  10. Does anybody know a program that runs on OSX that enables the ALT tag to be embedded and a value given to it in jpg image files ?
  11. QUOTE " Mind you, I would also have advised looking at those contributors who show little or no sales over an extended period of time (years not months). Are they worth their storage space and other overhead costs? But that's another story. " There is surely a good case for deleting accounts of people with no sales after two years of uploading images to Alamy servers. They are obviously not good stock photographers. I am not saying they are not enthusiastic or capable of creating a technically correct image....... they are not producing content that is of interest to buyers
  12. The first camera I owned was a Purma Plus. it used square format 127 film and had a f6.3 fixed focus Beck lens. It had a focal plane shutter that had a weight attached to the blind. If you held the camera horizontally it gave you a shutter speed of 1/125 . If you held it vertically with the weight at the top it caused the shutter blind to fly down with a speed of 1/400 sec and if you turned it up the other way so the weighted blind was against gravity you got a shutter speed of 1/25th sec. ,,,,,,,,whoever invented it was a smart cookie. It took good quality pics with a sharp lens . I t
  13. invisioncloudstats , googleads , google this and that...all these come up as my browser loads the alamy page and take ages sometimes to resolve. Why do we have to have a connection to google when I want to see my sales on alamy ?????
  14. It would be a good idea if news images could automatically be deleted after 30 days, unless a link was clicked to archive them.
  15. If an image has made several sales does the computer algorithm show it higher up in search results? Alamy does not have a button to select "most popular" as many other agencies do. Would it be a good idea?
  16. Do you think that QC is now done by a computer ? Or is it done by real people ? I have just had an image rejected and have been given a one star QC rating . Thats after being with alamy for 14 years and 5000 plus images with hardly ever a rejection . Strange.
  17. Search "Cafes Paris" with the model released button ticked gives lots of shots without people. ????????
  18. Flash ! strobe 5000 and lights which my wife says must go........but I keep hanging onto it in case the phone rings... seriously if anybody needs studio lights.......
  19. Country: Worldwide Usage: iQ sale: Consumer goods client. Consumer products. Revenue shareOne time use only. Industry sector: Consumer and household goods Start: 22 March 2017 End: 22 March 2027 $2 10 cents (gross) for a shot of Ayers Rock. for 10 years. Ridiculous. What is revenue share ... with who ?? I would like a reply from the Alamy Sales Team.
  20. On my alamy page it says I have 1400 tags with green line optimized and 2100 with orange line. This does not add up to all my images . Where are the others ? Also is the image that you are adding things to supposed to go from orange to green as you complete extra information in real time ?
  21. I think sales are slow for everybody now. Those of us with good ratings who have supplied alamy with regular shots over the past ten years or so are now finding with 90million images to compete with that our shots are not showing up as before in first few search pages and so are not selling as they are not chosen. The ranking system seems to have changed, and there is little enthusiasm in the prices that images are sold for to get out and shoot more. I find it the same with other agencies. We have been wiped out by oversupply.
  22. All these now show the same number of images just in a different order. I understand "New", but have the Creative and Relevant sections combined ?....or did they always show the same number of images when a search is done?
  23. Searching PORTOBELLO ROAD with "model released" selected returns incorrect results. However searching with extra keyword PEOPLE produces correct results. Strange.......
  24. I always used to find that the first few pages of a search request produced the best images. I dont know what has changed but in my opinion there is a lot of rubbish included on the first 5 pages now, mixed in with a few very good shots. Do you find the search results better or worse than a year ago? ( I have been with Alamy since 2004 and have made more than 3500 sales. ) Peter
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