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  1. No, Alamy is definitely not a MS agency.
    Because at Alamy, even at unusual times, there are still plenty of sales.
    So Alamy managed to license a total of 8 of my photos on December 30, 2021 and December 31. 
    For 0,15$ each. 
    To China. 
    One of the images was an elaborate 360° panorama. 
    The MS agencies I know didn't manage such a great performance. 
    So Alamy is not in a row with normal MS agencies.

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  2. From a purely economic point of view, Alamy is mediocre. For me it is now on rank 4 out of 8 agencies that get my pictures. However, I can see an increase every year (even after the nasty changes), so there is still hope that Alamy will eventually be able to compete financially with the big MS agencies. So for this I give only 2 points.   
    But man does not live by bread alone. In many other points, which I do not want to list all now, I like Alamy very much. There are not many agencies that respond so quickly and friendly to mails. So, for that it is an 8 from me. 
    However, at the end of the day, when the blade is stuck in my teeth, these 8 points do not really help me...

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  3. 50 minutes ago, Bill Brooks said:

    I agree with Chuck. Whenever anyone complains, in an effort to be helpful, I look at their portfolios by clicking on the number beside Images:


    It is true that my photos are not news photos, but this is, as far as I know, also not required. 
    It was Chuck, who talked my PF down. In fact @Bill Brooks you are right, everybody can look at the fotos.

    In my PF and in the PF of Chuck.  

    So everything is ok for me. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Chuck Nacke said:

    The oldest rule in this business: "If your images are not being used, there is mostly something

    wrong with your images."


    Hi, Chuck,

    I appreciate you trying to be polite. But it is also a matter of courtesy to read the complete contributions of your counterpart. And at least to try to understand them.  
    I had revealed how high my merit is in MS. And with what little personal commitment I achieve it. 
    From this it can be deduced that my pictures are very well bought and used. As far as I could research it, they are used for all conceivable WEB pages and partly also for print media. A very mixed circle of users. So the problem is not with the pictures.  If there is a problem with it, it could be the KWs. Somehow I still haven't quite seen through Alamy in this point.

    But the pictures sell themselves, and very well. As far as I can understand it, clearly better than average. But only with MS and not with Alamy. Apparently Alamy lacks market access in certain areas. That was exactly the reason for me to open this thread.  If I wish a picture criticism, I turn to the appropriate forum.


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  5. 10 hours ago, sooth said:

    how much are you earning altogether with the other agencies?


    I am a  amateur and working on a full-time job which has nothing to do with fotos.

    So I cannot give much time to sell, that is why it comes to only between 200-300$/month.

    However, because of the QC, I have about 1000 more pictures in my PF at the MS agencies. 

    Not much money, but really a nice coffee 😊


    5 hours ago, John Mitchell said:

    I've even fed the MS monster some images to see what all the fuss is about.  So far, I've made almost enough for a celebratory cup of coffee.



    Alamy is far from the big three, but still better than the agencies behind it. That's why I'm going to continue uploading here, where there are basically 2 strategies for this:

    On the one hand, I could, with a lot of effort, try to adapt to the strange way of ranking the search algorhitmus. So throw out "scrap", KWs, optimize, etc.. So far I've only done this half-heartedly and probably that's one reason for my bad result. However, I have considerable doubts whether this effort would really be worthwhile in view of Alamy's small size. 

    On the other hand, I could treat Alamy like the weak MS agencies beyond the Big Three. So upload, click 10 Supertags and you're done. I think I'll take this simple strategy, which requires no real effort, for now. I can't lose anything. 


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  6. Thank you all for your answers.

    I think the "right" answer is towards fluktuation and market saturation. 
    Because I've always taken my pictures with Alamy and other agencies. Until this year, that had no effect. 
    I reject the idea of exclusively contributing at Alamy.
    The reason is that, despite the mostly miserable RPD, I get nearly ten times as much return with MS as with Alamy. 
    But I also suspect (without any real evidence) that the massive slump at Alamy is due to the comparatively lower market power. 
    The three major MS agencies are probably now so powerful (and rich) that they can simply put more money into marketing.
    But I hope Alamy comes up again (for me too), because their QC system and payout ratio are really better than the Big Three.


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  7. Alamy was never an agency where I had a lot of sales. But I had sales, not often, but well paid. That has changed.
    Alamy has been dead for me since January, almost half a year now. Absolutely nothing. Not a single sale. I find that very regrettable, because I appreciate Alamy because of his other characteristics (transparency, fairness, etc.) very much. 

    Is this a general problem, is Alamy moving in the direction of dead, dead, dead? Or am I just unlucky and it's a normal fluctuation?

    With the three other agencies, with which one can earn money in the microstock area, my income has increased significantly in the same period, with one agency even massively. Could there be a connection, has Alamy worsened his marketing?

    What does that look like for you?


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  8. I've been around for some time now and still don't really understand how the KW are optimized. I've read that the color bar in the AIM is not only unimportant, but even harmful. Instead it is always pointed out to look at the CTR and remove "inappropriate" KW. 
    But what does that mean? Does a CTR of 0.00 mean that the KW were bad?
    This picture





    was viewed by customers, with the KWs


    construction site aerial view


    The picture fits perfectly to the KWs. 
    But the customer didn't zoom in, so the CTR is 0,00. 
    What should I do now to improve the KWs?
    I am a bit helpless with the whole topic and would be grateful for any support. 



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  9. 8 minutes ago, spacecadet said:

    I wouldn't expect that to pass QC as-is.

    Maybe resized to minimum with some extra sharpening.


    Of course you must develop the DNG-Rawfile with LR or something similar.

    P4P and Mavic Air pass QC, if photos were taken under good light conditions.


    Mavic 2 Pro I did not try photos yet, but here a panorama, which passed QC:



  10. I fully agree that the title and description should only mention what is actually visible in the picture. 
    But I don't think the keywords belong to the image description. The keywords, unlike the title, are not necessarily public. They only serve to support the search process and not to describe the photo. Not even the explanation. 
    That's why I think that the keywords can contain anything that helps to find the photo. Completely independent and detached from the content of the picture. 


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  11. That's really very hard to understand.
    Suppose a customer is looking for a house in the snow. 
    And there are (e.g.) 100 pictures with a house in the snow.
    All 100 pictures have the same keywords "house, snow, white, cold and winter", none others.
    If the customer now zooms 3 of the 100 images and 97 doesn't, then the 3 images were more interesting than the other 97.

    But it wouldn't make sense to change the keywords. 
    Really very difficult to understand, especially because alamy also confuses the contributor with the color bar.


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  12. 10 minutes ago, Starsphinx said:

    This is not my picture - I just searched "drunk homeless" - but is an example in point.  How does the photographer know this individual was either drunk or homeless?- There are no releases and I cannot see and extra information.  I also believe extra information is not searchable.  Now it may be that the photographer does know this individual and his circumstances very well - but maybe not, I cannot tell.  In the meantime, a customer searching for drunk homeless will find this picture but will not find one I have taken because I have captioned it avoiding the words "drunk" and "homeless"

    Homeless drunk man sleeping it off on the beachStock Photo


    I think, using the words "drunk" and "homeless" in the caption ist wrong in the case of this photo. 

    Maybe he ist drunk, maybe he is tired or exhausted, and maybe he has a big house and sleeps on the ground because he is drunk. 

    We do not know.

    Therfore, not in the caption. 


    But, it looks like as if he could be drunk and perhaps is homeless. 

    So I would take "drunk" and "homeless" to the keywords, so customer can find it. 


  13. A lot of questions that cannot be answered the same way for all drones. 
    Let's stick with the Phantom:

    In hovering flight, i.e. at one point, the threats try to remain as stable as possible. For this it uses the GPS and the compass at higher altitudes. Whether the barometer also plays a role, I do not know. 
    In closer distance to the ground, the exact number of meters depends on the version, ground cameras are also used (a phantom has beside the photo camera also a quite momentum cameras and sensors installed). 
    The whole thing makes the drone quite stable, but not yet perfectly stable for long exposures. This requires the gimbal, which compensates small movements. 
    The maximum exposure time then depends theoretically only on the camera specs(with little wind).

    However, this is limited to 8 seconds with the Phantom 4, as far as I know. 


    But there are also great and expensive drones under which you can hang a DSLR on a great gimbal.

    In fact, a drone can be used like a real "tripod in the air" under good external conditions. 


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  14. On 23.11.2018 at 18:52, JeffGreenberg said:

    I'd be gobsmacked if drone can be perfectly still for more than 1/4 sec. !!!!!


    You are right, the drone itself is permanently moving (small amounts). 

    But modern camera-drones like phantom or mavic have a very fast and exact gimbal. 

    The gimbal compensates the movements perfectly, so that long exposures beyond 1/4 second should also be possible. 
    For this reason, the tripod mode is not required for still photos. 

    However, I haven't tried it myself yet, in Germany flying in the dark is forbidden. 


    This was done with a old drone that is technically inferior to the Phantom 4 or the Mavic 2. Certainly longer than 1/4 second exposure time:




  15. 16 hours ago, TRACHR said:

    Do you guys have any recommendations on what types to look for, or should I go real cheap and get a crappy camera one and sell to like adobe for practice before I try to get a drone with a higher MP, the advantage to that would be if I wreck it Id be out a small amount.


    Any advice in this area?


    The Mavic 2 pro might be something for you. It has sensors in all directions, hard to scrape.

    1 inch sensor with 20 MP and the lettering "Hasselblad" on the lens (is in reality from Sony, of course). .  
    And the price is about the same as a cheap lens for a full-frame camera.  

  16. 24 minutes ago, Paul Glendell said:

     Any idea about the mavic pro ( not pro 2) as its cheaper but has a lower spec camera .  Paul 


    I think, it is the same camera as in the Mavic Air. 

    So not optimal, but, when shot with good light and make some PP against noise, it is accepted by Alamy, no matter about  the tiny sensor. 


    But in fact the photos made by the Mavic 2 pro (not Mavic 2 zoom)  are better then photos made by the Mavic Air (or Mavic pro).

    So if you want to use it and not just have a toy, it is worth to invest 500 Euro more and get the 2 pro






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