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  1. You would think that if he's gone to the trouble of registering the name as a trademark then he'd also register the web addresses hyperzoom.co.uk and hyperzoom.com but both seem to be available.
  2. I find that I can quickly get into territory that only lawyers can navigate!
  3. Adding the letters 'TM' after a word doesn't seem to make the term legally protected. The word would need to be fully registered with the appropriate body and then the letter 'R' in a circle can be used. There would also be a legal difference to the terms 'hyperzoom', 'hyper-zoom' and 'hyper zoom'. More info here: https://www.lawtrades.com/blog/answers/intellectual-property-differences/#
  4. I don't see 'new zealand', 'no date', 'no location', 'pls buy', 'michael deng', 'illustrator michael', 'old', 'cars' or 'coool' [sic]. As often happens with these types of thread, the OP asks a question and then completely disappears from the forum while we all try and be helpful.
  5. This type of behaviour gets reported so often that it's never a surprise anymore, regardless of the size of company doing the infringing. If only they could see the PR benefit of admitting their mistake straight away and doing the right thing by paying the artist. The default response to being caught out always seems to be something along the lines of 'your work isn't any good and not worth paying for'. It might be time to watch the Harlan Ellison Pay The Writer video on youtube again!
  6. And because the 90% like to fly near airports and crowds then us 0.1% get hit with regulations.
  7. I’ve never understood why the regulations allow a drone to be flown so high and far from the operator. If I had one then I’d only want to go 20m up and 50m away at the most and that would be enough to give a good viewpoint for an establishing shot. Perhaps there’ll be a comeback for elevated mast photography which doesn’t need a pilot licence to operate.
  8. At the height of the Northern Rock crisis I walked passed a queue of people outside a branch. It was sunny day, the road was on a hill and gave a good angle, I had my camera with me. But I didn't take a photo. It would still be making me money today!
  9. There are many reasons why Live News were not able to help you obtain a pass: Alamy may have already arranged for another photographer to be there. Alamy can’t risk their brand reputation by using a photographer with no history of submitting to Live News. Assuming you asked for a specific event, it may be something they don’t want covered. Alamy are not able to issue a ‘get me into any event’ press pass, only help you with specific events one at a time.
  10. I use 3 different methods beyond the in built camera cleaning and it all depends on the type of dirt you need to clean off. Before starting, take an out of focus photo of a plain sky at f22 and swipe the camera as you shoot to blur any distant birds or insects in the frame that you may think is a dust spot. I then mount the camera on a tripod at eye level. If the dirt is not circular then it’s probably just dust that isn’t fully stuck to the sensor, maybe a loose fibre. It’s likely to be easy to remove with a Visible Dust static brush. The thing looks like an artist pai
  11. After a great deal of time reading the forum I thought it was about time I signed up. A very brief intro about me is that I'm featured in Part 4 of the $100,000 club.
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