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  1. Thanks NYCat. I did delete them and then resubmitted them. They showed up horizontal again. I left them that time. They're in QC and I don't know if they've passed yet.
  2. I uploaded 2 vertical pictures. But they showed up horizontal. How do I fix that?
  3. Thanks everybody for replying. I'm not new to photography even if it appears so, but I am still learning. My camera is a Canon Rebel Xsi, 12 mp. And yes I know there are cameras out there with a lot higher mp. I'll be honest and tell you I was scared to death to do this...trying to sell on a stock site. A couple of years ago, I joined a local photography club. One of the first meetings I went to they had someone giving a lecture and the guy was very technical. Believe it or not I quickly realized I understood more he was talking about than a lot of the people there. After attending s
  4. John I'll be honest and tell you I have not calibrated my monitor. I bought an Apple last year and I'm still getting the hang of it. Its a great computer but I'm not as quick as I used to be to catch on to things. I knew about calibration, I just had not thought of it.
  5. Thanks Joseph. Ironically I think I just got that changed. I had wrote before asking how to fix that. I got so excited about my first 3 passing QC and then quickly got aggravated with trying to fill all that in. When I download my pictures onto my computer, I've been tagging them there. I wish all that transferred over so I wouldn't have to go back and fill it in here. Hopefully I will get better at all of this including my photography. Kathy
  6. Hi Folks! I'm a newbie to this, I'm a show me kind of gal and I'm having trouble figuring some things out. Am I allowed to delete my rejected pictures and if so how do I do it? I think I've figured out which ones were the cause of the rejection of the whole lot and would like to resubmit the others. Are we allowed to resubmit them after we've worked on them? I thought I saw somewhere on here that we could.
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