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  1. Thanks for the link I guess I'l sit real close to my screen for now
  2. I've been unable to find a way to increase the size of the thumbnails, window, fonts etc while keywording in manage images 2.4. Has anyone found a way to do that? Alamy, is it possible to incorporate a tool like that in a future version of manage images?
  3. Thank you, I'll look into the LR plugin more closely then. I read through the threads and it sounded a little difficult to use. Julie your work flow using the plugin looks similar to what I would like to do. It probably won't be difficult after I've done it once or twice. Vincent, I've used IMatch up until now. I've been real happy with it, however I'm on a Mac now. Also I'd like to start doing all my keywording on my computer and be done with it if possible. I haven't played with the templates in IMatch. I wonder if it's possible to make one that would work with Alamy
  4. I'm currently keywording my images in Lightroom 4. The obvious frustration is that Lightroom arranges keywords alphabetically. Thus not allowing me to organize them into essential, main and comprehensive sections before uploading. I've read about the plugin for Lightroom, but I'm curious to know how well the other programs work. Does anyone care to comment on the Image Keyworder or Keyword Perfect software?
  5. I'm wondering if anyone has tried OnAsia's Image Keyworder software. Does that program allow you to keyword then upload everything so I don't need to copy and paste after QC? If so maybe I can just bypass LR when key wording.
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