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  1. Are you using the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM? If so, are you happy with it? Thx
  2. Thanks, Webby. You know, I haven't thought much about GPS, which I have on my 7d2. But since starting to shoot stock, I'm frequently having to take a pic of a street sign--to locate the shot(s) preceding it. Will try out the GPS. What "work" was needed to get you happy with the Mark 4? thanks, Michael
  3. Hi Martin, thanks for the info. My main desire in a new camera is the ability to pull up shadows--at least 3 stops. Do you shoot much in low light, and are you happy with the results? What would you consider the highest ISO setting for clean images? Michael
  4. My first and only sale thus far, on Aug. 27th this year, gross: $365. An RF sale. Has cleared and supposed to be paid (182.50) on Nov. 1. Was shocked when I saw it, but never believed it was going to represent the future. I keep telling myself it's only a one year advance. Hope that's not true. Have had 3 zooms this month, so optimistic for a second sale soon.
  5. Hello Edwin, I'm also interested in street photography, as having people in editorial photos seems to be important. Where I live there are a number of medium sized towns nearby....the largest being Charlotte, NC, so I'm starting to spend time in those places and practicing the art of photographing people without them getting angry. At 6'2" with a full-sized Canon camera, it's not easy to 'blend'...so I do get stared at sometimes. Getting better at my responses to others. What and how are you doing? Welcome aboard. Michael
  6. Wanting to move from a 7d mark 2 to a full frame sensor with better dynamic range and high ISO performance. I'd love to stay with Canon, if the 5D4 will perform in these categories, as I'm familiar with and very fond of the system. Would love to hear thoughts of current 5d4 users. I have another thread going on this topic at: https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/10563-high-mp-sensors-lr-and-computing-speed/?tab=comments#comment-189176 Please join us there, rather than starting a somewhat duplicate thread here. Thanks much, Michael
  7. Thanks for the info, Marianne. Dustin Abbott on youtube has a couple of good reviews of the Sony lens. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdRC8XQEQEI Seems a lot like other 24-105 f4s.....pretty good, but not wonderful. Tony Northrup, also on youtube, reviewed a Sigma lens with the same specs, and likes it a lot. If I end up staying with Canon and buying a 5d4, that's probably what I'll get--though it's not weather-sealed. I think this is a useful thread, and hope we get more comments on it. Michael
  8. James, thanks for replying. With a range of MP sizes, you can probably answer this question: for handheld shots, have you sometimes found you get less sharpness from the high pixel cameras, due to it recording ever smaller movements? That's something I've begun to think about.
  9. Thanks, Colin. That does look like a good option. I'm starting to shy away from ultra-high MP sensors, as I worry about it showing camera shake, and thus actually reducing sharpness. I'm probably not the steadiest shooter, though I think I have good technique. I really don't want to change brands, and the 5D Mark4 really is the logical choice. It apparently doesn't have quite the dynamic range of the Nikon and Sony products, but I have no idea whether it would make a practical difference to me. I know that ergonomics are very important to me, which is why I chose a Canon to
  10. I'm currently using a Canon 7d Mk2, and interested in upgrading to a full-size sensor, for better low-light performance and larger field of view. Finding I need to pull up shadows frequently,--more than is sometimes possible with current setup-- or get a large architectural feature in the frame without backing up to Shanghai. There are lots of shots I would like to take but don't, because of the need for high ISO or shooting underexposed and fixing later. Am looking at the Sony a7R3 with their 24-105 f4 lens. That, and the Nikon D850 are being reported as being at the top of t
  11. Thanks for your very generous post, Alan, and for posting some pretty amazing images. Michael
  12. Thanks to Dave Richards and Johnnie5 for their responses. I should have made different decisions in taking the pic in question. I ended up with a little bit of unintentional blur and was asking if it would be acceptable because it was of dancers. But, and I should have thought this through, a little bit of blur is just "out of focus". Either none, or a lot. My bad. PS: I've got 750 images accepted in 43 batches, with only one image in one batch tossed back at me. You'd think I'd not have to ask silly questions.
  13. Good perspective. I delete my share of pics---probably too many. I still make a fair share of mistakes that a more seasoned photographer would avoid. Michael
  14. I used several when I had my woodworking business: Caller: "Can I speak to _______?" Me: "I'm sorry, Mr. ____ just committed suicide in the lobby. Would you like to speak to his widow?"
  15. Thanks, Simon. As far as I can tell, it wasn't seriously damaging. Just changed my homepage and my search engine to Bing!. Once I changed them back to my preferences, there were no recurrences. It is quite annoying---to me, at least. On a par with spam phone calls--though, at least with spam calls I can retaliate a bit. I'll look at cyberduck. Michael
  16. Thanks, John. That's reasonable. I generally shoot manual mode, with auto ISO--but had switched to 100 ISO. My bad.
  17. I have a pic I took under an open tent of a Polka band (call themselves an "oompah" band). I made a mistake in not shifting to a higher ISO (was shooting in default 100 ISO) when I went under the tent, and took some shots at 1/30 sec. The parts of the image that were not moving are in fine focus, but there were two couples dancing whose heads are just soft (they're arms are clearly blurred from motion). They would be considered the main subject, imo. I know that without seeing the image it's hard to make a call, but my question is: would Alamy be inclined to accept the pic with
  18. I need help correctly naming (i.e., identifying) the two "knots" or "burls" on this dead tree limb--though neither word is probably correct. Anyone? Many thanks. --Michael
  19. Brian, it didn't come with an update or upgrade, but with a fresh install from: https://filezilla-project.org I do have a selected search engine. See no need to have a default home page. Prefer it opens just to the Firefox page, with links to recently opened sites. Enjoy your pics from PA. My wife and I visit northern PA, usu. every year. She went to High School in Smethport, on US 6. Love that area, and managed to get some pics this year.. --Michael
  20. Hi Brian, thanks for the response. Here's the scoop, as I see it: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/filezillas-use-of-bundled-offers-sparks-outrage-from-users/ Discussion of BING is part way down the page. During the download, I saw a checked option for some software (not Bing), and unchecked it. It's possible I missed another one. See how they have it embedded in the privacy policy agreement. Thus far, I have not had the home page change recur, after changing back to my default of NOTHING. If it does, may have to do further work.
  21. There was a recent update to Filezilla, which I use for transferring image files to Alamy. I made a mistake and ended up with a server update instead of client, so I uninstalled, re-downloaded, and re-installed Filezilla client. Apparently the Filezilla download contained a virus which caused BING to become my default homepage. I say only "apparently" because I have no hard proof, but the Filezilla download was the only change I made to the computer. This is just a heads-up in case others run into this problem. --Michael
  22. Pardon for the off-topic query: How do you find how an image has been licensed and for what use? Thanks, Michael
  23. Thanks, Niels. I think I worry that the image would be less likely to be chosen because it doesn't look as composed as it could be. Having no knowledge of who my customer might be and what they see when they look at a stock photo is a problem. I think I need to spend more time looking at images you guys upload. Thanks. Michael
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