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  1. I use Lightroom for keywording, and for some bizarre reason it capitalizes the word "people" without my consent. Does anyone know if the Alamy search algorithm distinguishes capitalized from non-capitalized words?
  2. I fooled myself. It was a bald cypress, and thanks to you all for the info. I'm (somewhat) familiar with the species, as in this pic (below)I took in the Suwanee River in Florida, but didn't expect to see one on the edge of a parking lot in an industrial park in piedmont NC at 1000 ft. elevation. Thanks for all your help.
  3. Any ideas for the larger tree in front?
  4. Thanks, Allen. Way too much trouble to PS out. Complex background. Buildings are local, will just shoot them again when I'm nearby.
  5. Thanks, Bill. One of these days I'll open my eyes and look around.
  6. I have several pics of buildings with the U.S. flag at half-mast. The subject of the image is not the flag or that it's at half-mast, it's incidental and is not a major component of the pic. My question is: do you think the flag is a distraction and therefore should not be used? Michael
  7. I joined in May this year, and didn't expect a sale for a year--based on what others said. I had my first sale after 5 months, in late September, with maybe 500-600 images. Another 3 months went by and just had my 2nd sale this month with 860 images online. It may be the case that the search algorithm handicaps newer contributors (not that there's anything wrong with that). Watch your views and zooms--especially look for zooms. I had only 7 zooms in the first 6 months, and suddenly have had 6 more in the last 30 days. So far, though, none of those have resulted in a sal
  8. As a relatively new, and as-to-now minimally successful contributor, I agree with you, Ian. I am reminded of a bit of advice given me by a Greek professor when I asked him if I should take a certain course. He said "yes, always take the hardest course you can get into". I've generally followed that advice through my life, and chose Alamy for that reason. I am here to learn, improve, rub shoulders with those far better than me, and contribute when I can. From my admittedly limited perspective, I see Alamy as the best place to be for any generalist. For the company to diminish
  9. I'm sure I agree with you, Bill, but could you clarify what--in the world of stock photography, especially editorial--counts as talent? Is it something more than the ability to upload images which customers license? Thanks, Michael
  10. As an 8 month contributor, I certainly agree with this sentiment, Bryan, and appreciate the egalitarian point of view. Furthermore, I think it critical that exclusivity must create more value than just retaining 50% commission. Because of the relatively low volume of sales by Alamy, I would recommend that Alamy postpones any change in commission structure until it has the marketing scheme in place to benefit both Alamy and us from introduction of the NEW, IMPROVED 'exclusive' category. Up to now they've acknowledged that ticking the 'exclusive' box means almost not
  11. Yes. But it's my impression that the majority of the largest and most important contributors (at least as represented in this forum) are already de facto exclusive, even though they may not have "checked the box". If The majority of the best images are made exclusive, Alamy would have to promote and sell them. And if there is a market for exclusives, then those are the ones they have to sell. Of course, if there is little or no market, as some say, it won't work out quite as well, though one has to assume that the best images will still sell.
  12. Exactly. They need to promote this as a substantial new service for their clients.
  13. Indeed, though since they can sell any image for any price, there certainly needs to be a lot of detail in the published 'plan'. What would be most important, imho, is that you guys with substantial high quality catalogs and histories of making them money participate in the exclusive scheme--assuming your port is already de facto exclusive. There needs to be a strong incentive for Alamy not to push the 50% images below the 40% ones in the algorithm.
  14. In the future there is no future. If Alamy does an exclusive option, they need to devise and publish a plan for how they will use that exclusivity for the benefit of both themselves and contributors. Just having a box to check will achieve nothing in increased sales and income. So far, Alamy has come up short on published plans. Hopefully that will improve, along with any new changes to the contract.
  15. I will write and ask for this figure. It's highly relevant to me as to how or whether to participate.
  16. Yeah, thanks. US is in ROW, with 50% total. Since UK is 33% of total, my tendency (wish?) is to extrapolate to about 33% for US, which could be way off. Having opened the US offices with such fanfare (and pain to contributors), one would think they would want to brag about the results------unless..........
  17. I remember seeing some numbers, somewhere, sometime--maybe percentage of sales to US market. Can someone point me to such info, or otherwise provide it? For those of us in the US, this might be relevant to the outcome of any changes in the contract. Thanks, Michael
  18. I would accept this, as it would create a new purchase incentive for these images. For many of you with large catalogs of de facto exclusives, it could make quite a positive difference. I hope they make this the change, if any change be made. However, dropping below 40% for non-exclusives would probably not work for many of us.
  19. I am not, and was not, bullying James or anyone. I was describing my opinion of his behavior based on training and experience in private protection work. Not everyone who looks "sketchy" is a murderer, potential or otherwise, and I did not accuse him of him of that, but commented on what his behavior was 'like'. Suffice it to say, Mr. West does not present a confidence-inspiring presence in that video. I'm certain James is a very nice man. But what he has perfunctorily announced doing to his loyal vendors severely dampens his credibility in several areas. I've said all, a
  20. Well that's fine. But what evidence do we have that Alamy has coherent plans to achieve these things? All we've been told is that James sees "storm clouds coming", and they have a million (or was it only a thousand) "things" they want to spend our money on. And in any case, an immediate 20% reduction in income is a show-stopper for almost anyone except, apparently, you. Having had (in a part-time second profession) considerable training and experience in reading the behavior of sketchy characters, Mr. West's performance fits a classic profile of someone who may try to cut you
  21. Didn't want to stress the attention span of youtubers...and there was a whole lot of MEEEEE! in the first half, that seemed not as relevant. Ultimately, it was just another vote.
  22. I have just watched the James West video for the 3rd(?) time, and it shows itself as more preposterous with each viewing. Firstly, I don't know everything. I am only a retired business owner/operator of a small US furniture company. My primary customers were other--much larger--companies. I was a vendor of completed wood furniture to them. And I think of how such shenanigans as Alamy is trying to pull would have fared in my 3+ decades in business. Had I announced to my parts and supplies vendors that I was cutting my prices to them, so that I could invest and en
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